Top Reasons Pre-Engineered Flooring is Great for Your Home



Pre-engineered flooring

Pre-Engineered Wood Flooring

Do you love the look of hardwood flooring but aren’t sure if it is right for your home?  You should consider pre-engineered wood flooring.  Pre-engineered flooring has all the beauty of hardwood and is not only more cost effective, but is more durable and easier to install.  Pre-engineered flooring is a fantastic option for your home.

What Is Pre-Engineered Flooring?

Pre-engineered flooring, also called engineered prefinished flooring, is a type of hardwood flooring that is made with several layers of wood and plywood glued together.  These layers are covered with a top layer of thick hardwood veneer that is prefinished with a durable coating of aluminum oxide.  Pre-engineered flooring comes in the same colors and styles as a traditional hardwood floor but has some distinct advantages for residential flooring.

 Advantages Of Pre-Engineered Flooring

There are several advantages to pre-engineered flooring including:

  • Cost: Pre-engineered flooring provides the look and feel of hardwood for less.  Since it is made with a combination of less expensive woods, the manufacturing costs are much less and those savings are passed on to you.  Plus, pre-engineered flooring lasts longer than other alternatives to wood flooring like rubber or laminate, so it will save you money in the long run.
  • Easy Installation: Pre-engineered flooring is quick and easy to install.  Unlike solid hardwood floors, pre-engineered flooring can be installed on any surface even concrete.  So it is a great flooring option for basements.  Depending on the type of subfloor, pre-engineered floors can be either glued, stapled, or nailed into place and require no finishing, so they take no time to install.  A professional flooring contractor can easily install a pre-engineered floor in one day.
  • Durable: Pre-engineered flooring is extremely durable since it is finished in a factory with aluminum oxide rather than on site with polyurethane.  Factory finishes are much stronger than the finishes a flooring contractor will apply, so pre-engineered flooring maintains its beauty better than other wood flooring options, even under extreme wear.  It is also more moisture tolerant than other flooring options so it will not warp as easily under spills or leaks.
  • Stronger: Since pre-engineered flooring is made with several layers that are glued together in a cross-grain pattern, it is much stronger that solid hardwood.  Pre-engineered flooring is also more structurally sound and will not buckle, cup, or twist like other flooring.  They are also more resistant to the seasonal expansion and contractions that cause gaping.
  • Flexible Finishes: Unlike other hardwood alternatives like rubber or laminate wood flooring, pre-engineered wood flooring can be refinished.  So if the surface wears down or if you want to change the look, you don’t have to install a new floor, you can just refinish it.  You can refinish pre-engineered flooring 2-3 times over its lifetime.
  • Matches Your Other Flooring: Since pre-engineered flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses, it reduces the need for steps and transition strips between the different flooring types like tile or stone.  So it will better match your existing flooring.  It also reduces the need to trim down molding and doors for a proper fit, making it even easier to install.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Pre-engineered flooring uses half as many trees as hardwood.  So it protects vulnerable hardwood forests.  Also, since most of the flooring is made from plywood, it also reduces lumber waste.

So if you are looking for a great flooring option for your home, consider pre-engineered wood flooring.  Pre-engineered flooring is durable, flexible, and cost-effective way to bring beauty to any home.   Plus with the great variety of pre-engineered flooring at Carolina Flooring Services you’ll be sure to find the perfect flooring for your style.  So check out our great selection today!

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