2015 Design Trends: 5 new Design Ideas for Your Home – Residential Flooring

residential flooring trends

Is your current flooring old and outdated? Are you thinking of replacing it? If so, consider one of the newest trends in residential flooring.

1. Mosaic Tiles in Specialty Shapes

A major 2015 residential flooring trend is mosaic tile in unique shapes. Rather than the traditional 1×1 square mosaic tiles, unique shapes such as ovals and marquise are taking the lead. This new mosaic trend is being seen using multiple types of tile: natural stone, glass, and ceramic.

2. Softer Textures

Textured tiles bring a softness to the room. Rather than using polished or high-gloss tiles, people are choosing tiles with a matte finish. Tiles with a wooden look or that have a brushed finish also create this softer look that people are choosing for their residential flooring in 2015.

3. Neutral Colors

Taupe, clay, and other neutral colors are gaining speed in 2015, but the hottest of the colors is gray. Soft blacks and other neutrals are on the rise, though, so gray better look out!

4. Oversized Ceramic Tiles

The traditional 12×12 size for ceramic tiles is no longer the only option. In fact, sizes of 16×16, 18×18, and even 24×24 are rising in popularity. These tiles work great in large spaces with open floor plans, offering a cleaner look with fewer grout lines. To keep the look of your residential flooring as clean and open as possible, match the grout color as closely as you can to the tile.

5. Luxury Vinyl

Thanks to the advancements in the digital printing industry, luxury vinyl tiles are offering people the look of more expensive flooring for less. Wood-printed vinyl is the most popular, but luxury vinyl is available in almost any design, including natural stone.

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