Characteristics of Tile Flooring

What You Should Know About Tile Floors…
Tile Floors Charleston SCWhen it comes to understanding the options that exist in the world of tile floors, there is actually a lot of information to absorb. There are many advantages to tile flooring that can vary based on the kind of tiles that you choose. Homeowners have the option of selecting tile and hardwood floors that are composed of stone, synthetic, or ceramic materials. The options vary in price range, and each one can offer a huge selection in terms of patterns or surface treatments.

Easy clean-up tends to be the number one quality that attracts homeowners to tile flooring. Tile floors also require very little maintenance over the years. In most cases, tile floors can last an entire lifetime. It displays very little wear over time, and it only requires occasional mopping and sweeping. Most spills and accidents can be completely handled with a spot cleaning. This kind of flooring is ideal for areas of high traffic such as hallways or kitchens.

Tile floors can also allow homeowners to come up with designs that are unique to themselves. The number of colors and the variety of patterns allow for a virtually infinite number of designs and motifs. Ceramic materials are ideal for capturing vivid colors in your flooring design. By choosing your tile based on the area of your room and the size of your pieces, you can mix and match patterns to suit any existing décor. Tile is a quick way to take any room that appears somewhat drab and instantly transform it into a fabulous space.

Installation of tile is fast and easy. Many homeowners complete the process themselves. Most of the synthetic tiles and hardwood floor kits simply snap together. Professional installation is a quick and relatively inexpensive process. Tile floors are an outstanding way to modernize an outdated kitchen or bathroom without going through a total renovation. Some ceramic materials can stain over time if not properly cleaned on a regular basis. If a homeowner chooses stone or ceramic pieces, then there is also the possibility that the tile will chip over time in areas of high usage.

The best way to maintain your flooring in the long-run is to clean it on a regular basis. However, abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Products of this nature can scratch the tile and destroy colors and patterns over time. To give your flooring a longer life, you should also seal the grout on a regular basis. Cleaning and pressure can break down the grout over time. During cleaning, you should also be careful if furniture must be moved. All legs and protrusions should be covered with cloth to avoid scratches. Taking this measure also makes the furniture easier to move.

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