5 Stone Tiles Perfect For Bathroom Flooring In Charleston

Stone Tile Bathroom

Stone Tile Bathroom

The bathroom may not be a part of the home that people spend a lot of time in, but its use during a typical day is critical. This is where we relieve ourselves, clean ourselves and, on particularly good days when things slow down and we have time, we can relax in the tub. We often worry about aspects of the bathroom when we do think about it, like the plumbing or the fixtures for the sink, shower stall or bathtub.

But the floor, even though we don’t give it much thought, is an essential part of the bathroom. And we have some great tile suggestions that would go well in any bathroom for your Charleston home.


This is a perfect fit for people that want something a bit more neutral. The Nepal line by Shaw Floors has a versatile, unassuming look that will go with just about any plans you have for a bathroom, but provide the durability and protection you want for an area that’s going to be exposed to a lot of water. This is a glazed porcelain, which gives it its delicate, soft look, but also means it can stand up to the demands quality bathroom tile will need to meet.


For something that has a bit more of classical, even rustic feel, the Turnbury tile provides a very distinct look to any bathroom. What really differentiates this tile is that it has a deliberate, “worn” appearance that gives a pleasant, warm, aged look to a floor. It’s a contrast to the sharper, cooler, pristine lines that other tile can provide, for a more organic appearance.


One of the nice things about the Rimini porcelain tile series is that it is versatile enough to be personalized to your design choices. Different sizes and shapes can be cut to match whatever idea you may have for your bathroom, so you don’t have to settle for just a plain square or grid pattern. The marble texture also makes it easy to match with different paint or cabinet choices.


This is a natural stone tile that brings some of that organic, worn warmth to a bathroom. The Briarcliffe tile is a versatile tile that works just as well on the bathroom floor as it does on the backsplash or fireplace surrounds. The stone work ensures that each tile is unique and gives a homier feel to any space that it is added to. A very solid choice for people that want some distinct texture in their bathroom space.

Sierra Madre

This is another natural stone tile that adds even more texture for people that want a bathroom tile that stands out. Sierre Madre is available in a few neutral shades, so it can mix well a variety of different design and palette choices for a warm look that adds a touch of character to a bathroom.

If these or any other types of bathroom flooring in Charleston appeal to you, or you have any questions. Get in touch with us to day and see how we can make the floor you stand on stand out.


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