Flooring for an Imaginative and Kid Friendly Space

Flooring for an Imaginative and Kid Friendly Space

Flooring for an Imaginative and Kid Friendly Space

If you are a parent, then you may have already discovered that having carpet in your child’s room is not ideal. You may have also decided that the floor is long overdue for a makeover.  Who isn’t interested in a replacement floor that is more kid-friendly and requires less attention and maintenance?

So, what is the best flooring when it comes to creating an imaginative and kid friendly space for your child? There are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • A flooring option that is durable and can handle a few spills here and there
  • A flooring option that is easy to maintain and will not easily become dirty or ruined
  • A flooring option that matches your style and does not conflict with the furnishings in the room
  • A flooring option that is affordable, easy to install, and fits within your budget
  • A flooring option that is both safe and comfortable for your child

With so many considerations to keep in mind when choosing flooring options for a child’s bedroom, finding the right one may feel like an impossible task. However, if you take the time to do your homework, it becomes much simpler.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is definitely a durable option that comes in a variety of different colors, styles, and finishes. Engineered hardwood, for example, is more durable than regular wood flooring and comes at a lower cost. It is easy to maintain and is eco-friendly. It is also easy to install.

Laminate Flooring

If you are considering laminate flooring, then you will be choosing a product that is durable, scratch resistant, and affordable. It requires very little maintenance and if anything is spilled all you have to do is wipe it up. It is also easy to install and can be the ideal choice for any child’s room or playroom.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is definitely a more plush and comfortable option, but it does require more maintenance and isn’t as forgiving if something is spilled. However, you can find a pattern that can help hide future spills.  Still be sure to regularly vacuum and dust the room so no dirt can accumulate on the carpet.

No matter which flooring option you choose for your child, you should keep in mind how much time the child will spend in the room and consider the way in which they play. Rolling trucks and cars along a carpeted floor, for example, is not that easy.

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