Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

cork floorCork flooring can be a great option for any home or office space. There are many different pros and cons of cork flooring that should be considered before installing it in your home or office.


Among the pros and cons of cork flooring, there are many great pros to consider when looking at flooring options. Among them, cork flooring is hypoallergenic making it easy to maintain when it comes to dust and pet dander. It’s very easy to clean and maintain, making the air quality in the area much better.

The cork floor is also very manageable when it comes to temperature. It keeps the same room temperature, making it very comfortable for people of all ages. Cork flooring can feel like a cushion when walking on it so it’s better for your feet and back. If you plan on being on your feet a lot in the area, cork flooring may be a good option. The soft surface is also good for kids and the elderly who may be concerned with the hard wood flooring or other flooring options.

There are many different colors and styles of cork flooring, which can give you just as many options as carpeting and hardwood floors. Nearly any floor style can be recreated with cork flooring, and some cork floor owners use styles that mimic wood grain.

Worried about noise and acoustics? Cork flooring helps maintain echoes and sound by absorbing the noise. Footsteps can be muted along with any music or general noise. If you have instruments in your space, cork flooring may be a great option.

Maintenance is relatively easy when it comes to cork flooring. You will just need to sweep and occasionally mop, but the cork is treated so there are no extra cleaning concerns when it comes to cork flooring.


There are some cons when examining the pros and cons of cork flooring that should be looked at.

Cork can scratch if something sharp is dropped onto it. Pet nails and other sharp dirt or dust particles can create scratches in the cork. Furniture can either pierce or create indents if they are left in the same position for too long or if no furniture pads are used.

Heavy furniture or appliances can sink into the floor and can be difficult to move later on. Some cork floor owners have also noticed that if the room gets too much sun, it can change the color of the floor. Liquids if not cleaned up quickly can sink in to the floor.

Installation is also best handled by a professional when it comes to cork flooring.

There are many different pros and cons of cork flooring. Examine the floors that you are interested in changing to cork and see if there are any hazards to keep you from installing it and if there would be concerns that would keep you from getting it. Otherwise, cork flooring can be a great option for any home or office.

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Photo Credit: Nicolás Boullosa / cork floor / Flickr

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