2014 Kitchen Flooring Trends

Time to update your kitchen? Start with the floor! Nothing can make a kitchen look more outdated than old checkered tile or peeling linoleum. At Carolina Flooring Services we have everything you need to revamp your home, and this list of 2014 kitchen floor trends can help kick-start your home makeover process.

Tri-Colored Wood Flooring

One of the most unusual 2014 kitchen floor trends is tri-colored hardwood flooring, where planks that have been stained a darker color are interspersed with planks stained lighter and more neutral tones. This look could be achieved most easily by using laminate flooring, which is held together by an interlocking grove system and can be installed by most homeowners without professional assistance. As long as all three of the variously stained planks are the same brand the interlocking grooves of the planks will be compatible. What’s more, laminate flooring is more water-resistant, and thus better suited for a kitchen, than traditional hardwood.

2014 Kitchen Flooring Trends Earth Tone Tile

Many homeowners are selecting tile and stone flooring in shades of red and brown to create a warm and rustic “country kitchen” atmosphere. This antique look is best emulated by selecting large square tiles and having noticeable grout lines. The warm copper tones can be easily mirrored in the hardware of the cabinets and sink to create an inviting and cozy appearance . No matter the color or style, ceramic tile is an especially good option for any kitchen because of its resistance to staining and water damage and the ease by which it is cleaned.

 White and Beige Flooring

The past several years have seen a vogue for black cabinets, back splashes, counter-tops and flooring, but one the biggest 2014 kitchen flooring trends is just the opposite! White is the new preferred color in kitchen spaces as it creates a clean, open and airy appearance. Simply replacing your current kitchen floor with hardwood or tile in pale shades can make your kitchen appear larger! White and beige flooring is also highly versatile and can also be easily adapted to fit a sleek and modern style or a more traditional aesthetic.


This last 2014 Kitchen flooring trend is not a matter of color or style, but rather the type of hardwood used. More homeowners are choosing to install cork flooring because of its sustainability, as it is harvested without damaging the tree, and because of its natural waterproof and airtight nature that prevents mildew growth and doesn’t retain allergens like dust and pet dander. Cork is also unique in that it is more soft and warm to the touch than other hardwoods, making it an excellent option for homes with small children and pets. Available in a wide variety of grain styles and stains, installing cork hardwood is sure to add value and beauty to your home.

Interested in learning more about kitchen flooring options? Contact us today! We offer a wide variety of tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring as well as installation services to help you create a space that is stylish and functional.

Photo Courtesy of: Susan Serra, CKD

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