Carpet or Hardwood: Weighing Your Options

Carpet or Hardwood

Hardwood looks modern and stylish, but would carpet make this room more livable?

While your flooring may not be the centerpiece of your room, it is a vital part of your home décor.  You want it to be noticed, without necessarily being noticed.  And, you want it to be noticed for the right reasons.  It should tie the room together without overpowering.  You hope it gets attention because it looks great, not because you have wall-to-wall orange shag carpet in the living room in the year 2013.  There are many flooring options available, but for living areas and bedrooms, the choice often comes down to carpet or hardwood.


Carpet provides softness, comfort, and deadens sound.  Hardwood offers modern luxury or natural rustic beauty.

According to studies a majority of residential buyers still seem to prefer carpet, however, many see the an improvement in resale value when hardwood and other hard floor options are used instead of carpet.

Much of the decision will be based on the usage of your room. Do you prefer the comfort of being able to lie on the floor and wrestle with your kids on a plush surface, or would you rather have the ease of cleaning hardwood?

Here are some other pros and cons to consider:

Carpet Pros

  1. Provides more comfort, especially in areas where you may be standing for long periods.
  2. Less likely to slip and fall and falls are cushioned.
  3. Sound absorption
  4. Carpet is natural insulation and provides warmth.
  5. Less expensive than hardwood and easier and less expensive to install.

Carpet Cons

  1. Carpet can be stained and stains can be hard to remove
  2. Colors and patterns go out of style.  Do you want to change your flooring with each trend?
  3. Carpet can retain dust and allergens.  Not good if you or your family have severe allergies.

Hardwood Pros

  1. Aesthetic value.  There’s no doubt hardwood can really add character and luxury to a room.
  2. Long lasting durability.  A hardwood floor that is well cared for can last 30 years or more and still be stylish.
  3. It’s a natural eco-friendly product.
  4. With an area rug you can alter the look and feel or a room with hardwood to accommodate changing styles or changing preferences.
  5. When hardwood is stained or begins to look worn or damaged it can be refinished.

Hardwood Cons

  1. Sound bounces off hard surfaces, so a hardwood floor will be noisier than a carpeted area.  Depending on the use of the room this could be problematic.
  2. If you or your kids fall…it hurts.
  3. Hardwood can fade, splinter, dent, and even break.
  4. Hardwood is significantly more expensive than carpet and more expensive to install.
  5. While it may be easier to clean, hardwood will show dust and need to be cleaned more often.

Of course one major factor in choosing your flooring will be the room itself.  Nobody said it would be an easy decision.  One thing is certain.  There are almost infinite possibilities available in both carpet and hardwood flooring.  Carolina Flooring Services can provide professional assist you with your decision.  We carry some of the finest brands in hardwood flooring and carpet options.  Contact us now for a consultation.


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