Why Concrete Flooring is a Great Residential Flooring Option

concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is fairly common in commercial spaces, but have you considered the benefits that come from using concrete for your residential flooring needs? Concrete flooring isn’t just for industrial spaces anymore; rather, many are choosing to place it in their homes. You may be quite surprised at the elegance and even warmth that can be achieved using concrete flooring.

Why Consider Concrete Residential Flooring?

  1. Concrete flooring is easy to maintain. If there is anything the modern family is looking for, it’s ease and convenience. That’s exactly what you get with concrete flooring. Cleaning concrete residential flooring is a breeze: just use mild soapy water and a mop once a week. Voila. No need to purchase expensive steam cleaners or use harsh chemicals.
  2. Concrete flooring is durable. For those homes that have heavy foot traffic, concrete flooring is ideal. One woman said of her concrete flooring, “I love it because you can’t hurt it; I can let my kids be kids in here and not worry about them messing up the floor.” There’s plenty in life to worry about besides whether your floors are being messed up due to heavy foot traffic or stiletto heels. Install concrete flooring, and take one more worry off your list.
  3. Concrete residential flooring is versatile. Are you someone who likes to update your home with the seasons? Do you purchase new furniture at the drop of a hat? If so, then concrete flooring may be the best residential flooring option for you. It can be polished differently or even painted to achieve a new and updated look.

How to incorporate concrete residential flooring?

Has concrete flooring caught your attention and piqued your interest, but you’re not sure how to make it work in your home? Here are a few recommendations.

  1. Pair concrete flooring with rustic wood or natural stone walls.
  2. Use a high-grade finish to polish your floors for a super shiny effect.
  3. Remember to seal your floor and to reseal it every few years to make sure it remains as durable and beautiful as the day you had it installed.

If you think concrete flooring may be the right residential flooring option for you, we’d love to talk further with you about your project. Be sure to give the flooring experts at Carolina Flooring a call so we can help you through every step of the process.

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