Best Flooring for a Rental Property

best flooring for a rental propertyWhen it’s time to replace your floors, sometimes it’s not all that exciting. Flooring may or may not excite you, but it is the most exciting when it’s for your own house. Yet sometimes we have to replace flooring for a rental property, and that does require some thought. You have to consider your options for the best flooring for a rental property. One of the first things to consider is price. Not only price of the flooring itself, but also how it will affect your rental property and its value. Since there will be tenants moving in and out of your property, one thing to take into account is that it needs to be durable and easily replaced. You will also have to look at the value of your home and the range of rent that you charge. Carolina Flooring Services has covered some ideas of the best flooring for a rental property.

For high-end homes, renters, as well as real estate agents, expect a certain look to your rental. When walking into your property, prospective renters await the best of everything. Examples of this would be upgraded appliances, in not only the kitchen but the bathroom as well, hardwood floors, plush carpet and tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. The best flooring for a rental property of this calibre would be hardwood in common areas, ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and an upgraded plush carpet in the bedrooms. Even with a high end house, be careful where you put carpets. They can hold stain and odors and usually have to be replaced with each new tenant.

The best flooring for a rental property in the mid-range or lower would be a substantially hard tile and laminate wood flooring. A stronger tile is preferred because not only are they hard to crack but tile is easy to replace. One thing to consider is doing your best to keep the grout clean and replaced as often as needed to keep it looking fresh and updated. Laminate is the best flooring for a rental property because it is cheap, easy to maintain as well as replace, and looks amazing in a home. As with the high-end homes, carpet is only a good idea in small spaces since it usually needs to be replaced at the end of each lease. Make sure to choose something that is cheap and neutral. If you find a sale, buy as much as you can to have some left for repairs or replacement.

Also, when choosing the best flooring for a rental property, make sure you keep your location in mind. If your property is in a warm climate, it would be best to use tile in the majority of the rental. It keeps the property cool and is low maintenance.

If your rental happens to have a 2nd floor, there are different flooring options that also improve the function of your home. Carpet can help insulate as well as muffle noise. If you are dead set against carpet in your rental, a good idea would be cork flooring. Not usually thought of when pondering flooring options, but it comes from recycled wine corks and it has a cushioned feel and also helps reduce sound.

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