What Are My Stone Flooring Options?

Stone flooring is one of the best options for flooring in your home or office.  Stone floors are not only durable, but they are beautiful and can bring your space from ordinary and utilitarian to elegant and remarkable.  Stone flooring usually carries a higher upfront cost than other flooring options, but once you have a stone floor installed it will last a lifetime.  Stone flooring not only will captivate your visitors but will stand up to the regular use and abuse of your family and everyday life with very little care.  Unlike carpet or wood floors, stone floors will not capture dirt and allergens keeping your home more hypoallergenic and clean.  Cleaning stone floors can be done with a simple sweeping and the occasionally washing which won’t require any special chemicals.

Many people shy away from stone flooring because they think they will have a limited selection and think it will end of looking like granite counter tops or a sidewalk.  In reality there is an extraordinarily large variety of stone available in colors, designs, patterns and relief.  In this article we will talk through the different types of stone you can use for flooring.

Stone Flooring OptionsGranite is one of the most popular flooring choices and can be a great option for your floor.  Granite is a very non-porous stone making it easy to polish and seal so you don’t have to worry or maintain it.  Granite is extremely hard and available in a variety of colors.  Granite often has a very consistent pattern and will look great for years.

Marble is often confused with Granite as they can have the same look and patterning.  Marble is a slightly more porous stone but it still can be polish and sealed for a great flooring option.  Marble also is available in similar colors to granite but offers and wider variety of patterns often including swirls and pockets making it very beautiful.

Stone Flooring OptionsSlate is another great option for home or office flooring.  When you think of slate you often picture an old chalk board but don’t let yourself be limited.  Slate is available in a huge variety of colors and surface finishes.  Slate is also waterproof, fire proof and naturally stain resistance without any sealing so it is a great option for high traffic areas and energetic families.

Quartz can often be confused with slate as they can have similar looks, but quartz can always be differentiated by its appearance of having metallic flecks in it an can be a stunning flooring option that can be installed in a seamless appearance and uniform pattern.

Stone Flooring OptionsLimestone is a great option for high traffic areas because it is an extremely dense and durable stone.  Limestone may be the most elegant stone used for flooring and can help create an extremely beautiful space for you and your guests.

For even more stone flooring options, check out this article: http://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au/article/benefits_of_stone_flooring

Choosing the right stone for your floors can be a difficult decision and takes seeing many of the stones in person.  In the Charleston area you can stop by Carolina Flooring Services showroom at 3830 Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston to see these stones in person to appreciate their beauty and the depth of their characteristics.  You can also schedule a free home measurement to make sure you purchase the proper amount of stone and can accurately estimate your final costs.  Carolina Flooring Services can also help you with installation including moving your furniture and replacing your trim once the job is finished.  For more information about the stone flooring the Carolina Flooring Services offer, visit them on the web here: http://carolinaflooringservices.com/stone-tile-flooring-charleston-sc/ or give them a call at 843-225-0700.

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