Hardwood Versus Tile Flooring in Kitchens and Bathrooms- Pros and Cons

Tile Kitchen FloorThinking of remodeling that outdated flooring in your kitchen or bathroom? You know you want the look of an updated remodel, but being a good steward of your finances and having to choose among all the products available can put a lot of pressure on to “get it right the first time.”  The professionals here at Carolina Flooring are available to assist in a flooring choice that is just right for you. Two common flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms are tile floor coverings and hardwoods. A listing of the pros and cons for each will help keep you informed.

Tile Flooring-Pros

Tile is typically the leading choice for kitchens and baths for a variety of reasons. It is a cost effective way to increase a home’s resale value.  When maintained, tile’s beauty lasts a long time, especially when earth tones are used. There are several styles of tile flooring including: porcelain, ceramic, marble, and quarry.  Tile also comes in a variety of colors, shapes (i.e. hexagonal and octagonal), and sizes.  You can mix and match these to come up with a style uniquely your own.  In colder climates, tile flooring is the best coverage when installing a radiant floor heating system.  When using non-toxic grout, tile floors are non-toxic. Tile floors are also great for pets.  It is easy to wipe up after accidents, and the flooring can withstand pets’ nails.  Most importantly, tile flooring is moisture and water resistant, and it is very durable.

Tile Flooring-Cons

The most common complaint of tile is that it is cold on bare feet. It is an unforgiving surface which is hard on joints and dropped dishes.  It can be a difficult DIY project due to precise measurements, mortar mix, and grout application.  Glossy tiles can be slippery, and the grout may stain.  Finally, very heavy objects dropped on tile can cause chipping or cracking which is difficult for the homeowners to replace.

Wood Flooring-Pros

Wood flooring can be sold in solid wood or in engineered planks.  Wood flooring is beautiful and classic! Think of those homes over 100 years old with the original hardwood floor inside. Wood is a great choice for cohesiveness in design for the popular open floor plan.  It is soft, warm, and durable. Wood flooring forgives more than tile. As for design, wood planks can be stained or painted.   If damaged, wood can be stripped and refinished. Many report that wood flooring does not show as much dirt as tile.

Wood Flooring-Cons

Wood floors can be susceptible to water damage.  Water and spills should be mopped up right away. Wood can scratch easily, although harder finishes are improving resistance to scratching and water tolerance. Wood flooring can also fade from constant sunlight.

Getting informed is the first step to a new floor.  Take off the pressure and contact us today at Carolina Flooring.  You will be glad you did!

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