Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

Best Pet-Friendly Flooring

It’s no secret that having pets adds to the wear and tear your floor must endure. Sharp toenails can leave marks on hardwood, shed hair can cling to carpet, and “accidents” can leave a lingering stain and smell even when mopped up immediately! The wrong floor can also be harmful to the pet; many animals suffer hip injuries as a result of constantly slipping on too-slick laminate flooring. To help, we at Carolina Flooring Services have provided the following list of pet-friendly flooring options and tips so that you and your pet feel at home.

Cork – The Best Pet-Friendly Floor

The excellent insulating properties of cork make it the ideal flooring option for pet owners! Cork naturally reduces noise, so the sound of Fido’s sharp toenails won’t echo through the house – and those toenails won’t leave scratch marks either because cork is harder than traditional wood floors. Best of all, cork is waterproof and airtight, so puppy accidents won’t damage the subfloor and dander and hair won’t accumulate in your home. The density of cork also prevents insects such as fleas and ticks from using your floor as a breeding ground. And both you and your pet will enjoy how warm and soft cork feels!

Vinyl and Ceramic Tile – Wonderful Alternatives to Cork

Both vinyl and ceramic tile are stain and moisture resistant as well as easy to clean! Both are also difficult to scratch. Vinyl is a somewhat more pet-friendly flooring option because it muffles the sound of toenails while there is no masking the patter of paws on tile, and because tile feels colder and would be less comfortable for Kitty to nap on. If you do however decide to install tile, be sure to use a non-porous tile so that inevitable pet-related spills won’t stain and damage your floor.

Love Carpet?

Some people find that it just doesn’t feel like home without wall-to-wall carpeting. If you choose to install carpet in a home with pets, be sure to pick a twist or texture carpet over a loop style. Claws often get caught in loop style carpets which is both frustrating to your pet and damaging to your floor. You may also prefer a low pile carpet as these are typically easier to clean.

Tips for Pet Owners

You can extend the life and beauty of your floors by regularly trimming your pet’s toenails and grooming your pet to remove excess fur. Mats can provide extra protection in the areas your pet is hardest on, such as around the food and water dish. You may even considering choosing a floor that is a similar color to your pet’s fur to help disguise shed hair.

You shouldn’t have to choose between a beautiful floor and your four-legged best friend! At Carolina Flooring Inc., we are confident that we can help you find a flooring type that meets your families needs and sense of style. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

Photo courtesy of: Matthew Rutledge

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