How to Clean Cat Urine from Concrete

how to clean cat urine from concreteIf you have ever owned a cat, you know the sense of dread and worry when they have an accident in the house. How will you get the mess and smell out of the house for good? For carpet, you would use a cleaner found at a local pet store or if it came down to it, you could replace the carpet. The same for wood floors, you could use chemicals to get rid of the smell but worst case is you can replace the floor. But what about concrete? That is not so easily removed but can be consumed by the all too familiar ammonia smell of cat urine. Fortunately, we at Carolina Flooring have complied a list of how to clean cat urine from concrete.

Despite it’s looks, concrete is a very porous material and first and foremost it is always a good idea to seal and reseal it to keep any kind of moisture out. The first step in removing cat urine from concrete is to get all of your cleaning materials together. You will need cat litter, a shop vac, a stiff bristle brush, TSP (tri sodium phosphate), a yard sprayer, and 12 oz of carpet cleaner.

After removing as much of the cat urine with paper towels, use cat litter to help absorb the rest. When that has dried out a bit, use a shop vac to vacuum up the litter. Next, let’s tackle the soaked in mess. The very best cleaner is TSP. Mix it per the instructions and spread it over the cat urine. Use your stiff bristle brush to mix into the concrete to help open the pores of the concrete to help get the soaked in urine out. If any parts start to dry out then make sure to add more of your TSP. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, vacuum up the TSP, and then rinse with fresh water.

The next thing to do is wait. Go enjoy the rest of your day and let your floor sit to dry overnight. After your floor has dried check out the area and if you notice any white powder keep and eye on that particular spot. It means that that are is heavily contaminated and will need some extra elbow grease. If you do see any white powder, vacuum it up and repeat step 1.

When you are ready to move on to the next step, grab your yard sprayer and make a mixture of 12oz of your carpet cleaner and water to make a gallon solution. Spray your contaminated area and make sure you spray enough so you can see the solution sitting on the surface for at least 10 minutes. If you happen to see any dry spots, spray more solution. Once you have evenly sprayed your solution, let it air dry. Keep your eye out on the areas that had white powder before, if the solution keeps getting sucked into the concrete you may need to go back and that area may need a more zealous cleaning. Once everything is cleaned on your concrete floor, seal your floor to keep this from happening again.

Make sure you contact our informative staff at Carolina Flooring for more tips and help on how to clean cat urine from concrete.

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