How to Choose Carpet

How to Choose CarpetThere is nothing quite like the comfort and warmth carpet adds to your home – but the process of selecting a carpet can be overwhelming when faced with a wall of carpet samples in dozens of shades, cuts, textures and patterns. Many homeowners find themselves so inundated with the options that they select a carpet without considering its characteristics and their families needs, and find out too late that a style does not suit their home. That’s why we at Carolina Flooring Services have created this quick guide to choosing a carpet based on your home’s specific needs and the behavior of different carpet styles.

How to Choose Carpet that Fits Your Family

Ask yourself who will be spending the most time on your carpet. A carpet that will be constantly played and lied upon by pets or young children will need to behave differently than one that is walked on by older adults.

  • If you have dogs or cats, select a cut pile carpet option over a loop pile carpet. The loops can catch at animal paws and harm your pet – as well as your carpet!
  • Homes with young children may benefit from using a flecked carpet, which can disguise dirt and stains.
  • Cut-and-loop carpet is an excellent option for homes with older children who are very active and may be running in and out of the house because it is highly durable, does not show the imprint of foot prints, and naturally masks dirt.

How to Choose Carpet that Fits Your Style

A cozy cable-cut carpet may feel good beneath your feet, but it’s long twisted fibers will look out-of-place in a formal sitting room! More formal style homes will benefit from using plush cut pile, which has a smooth appearance and short fibers. More informal styles include frieze cut pile, which has longer fibers, and textured cut pile, whose piles have been cut at different heights to create a patterned surface.

How to Choose Carpet that Fits Each Room

Not all carpets provide the same durability or comfort, and so where the carpet will be placed within your home should effect what style you choose.

  • For a cozy family room, select a cut pile or saxony carpet. Both styles have thick fibers that provide a soft cushion to sit on, but neither is suited for high traffic areas. Saxony carpet tends to show footprint indentations and cut pile shows wear more easily than other styles.
  • Berber loop pile and cut-and-loop carpet are both highly durable, mask dirt, and do not show footprints, making them ideal carpet choices in areas such as entryways, hallway, or a child’s playroom.

Your carpet is too large of an investment for an uninformed decision, so contact us today! We offer a variety of carpet styles and our know-how can help you choose the perfect flooring for your home. We also offer laminate, hardwood, stone and natural tile, and vinyl flooring options, as well as estimating and installation services, so you can update every room in your home.

Photo Courtesy of: Eric Schmuttenmaer

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