Finding The Right Commercial Flooring For Your Business And Your Space

Finding The Right Commercial Flooring For Your Business And Your Space

Finding The Right Commercial Flooring For Your Business And Your Space

Your flooring makes a big impact on your space, and in a business or commercial setting, it can make a big first impression on customers, clients, and investors as well. Choosing the best commercial flooring for your business and your space is a big decision is setting the stage for your business, so it’s not one that should be taken lightly. When it comes to flooring, there are many different options to choose from, and each have their own pros and cons that need to be weighed before being installed into your business property.



For commercial flooring, carpet is typically inexpensive to install, feels comfortable underfoot, and provides a warmer or more comforting experience to those who visit your business for any reason. While you may not want to use the same plush types of carpet you’d install into your home for your business space, there are plenty of types of carpet you can choose from that are meant to stand up to high traffic.

Some of the pros of using carpet as your commercial flooring include:

  • Inexpensive installation
  • Helps to insulate and provide warmth
  • Creates a comfortable feel and look

Carpet has quite a few positive traits that make it a great commercial flooring installation choice, but it’s not without its cons. With carpet commercial flooring, maintenance should be considered, and you may find that carpet begins looking shabby or requiring maintenance much sooner than other flooring options. Rather than a quick sweep and a mop, carpet will require regular steam cleanings and stain removal to ensure it looks and smells fresh and clean, and may need to be replaced much sooner when compared to wood, vinyl, or tile.



In high-traffic business areas, you’ll want to seek out a hardwood flooring option that can last through quite a bit of abuse, but they’re not difficult to find. When compared to carpet, the installation of sturdy hardwood flooring is typically going to be a bit pricier, but business owners will be pleased to know that it doesn’t require the same type of maintenance. Cleaning your hardwood flooring requires only regular sweeping to remove debris, and cleaning with a non-abrasive cleanser and mop, so you can always keep your hardwood floors sparkling with very little elbow grease. With regular maintenance, a good hardwood flooring installation can last for generations.

Some of the pros of installing hardwood as your commercial flooring choice are:

  • Simple to clean
  • Elegant and timeless look
  • Long lasting

The only real con to installing hardwood flooring into your commercial space is the price of installation, which will be a bit more of an initial investment when compared to other options like carpet.  However, it will even out in the long run with lesser need for maintenance. Even after years and years of wear when your hardwood begins looking less than its best, it can often be refinished to provide a fresh and new look once again.



Vinyl provides a nice medium between carpet and hardwood, and the design options of vinyl are nearly endless. You can have a stylish vinyl flooring installed to match your modern business aesthetic, a wood-look vinyl that mimics the classic appearance of hardwood, or a classic vinyl flooring option that leads the eye to other parts of your design aesthetic. The choice is yours. Vinyl is incredibly simple to maintain, and requires only simple sweeping and mopping much like hardwood. Unlike, hardwood, however, you don’t need to be as careful when it comes to abrasive cleansers or cleaning instruments, as you’re much less likely to scratch the finish and thereby damage the flooring.

A few of the pros associated with installing vinyl flooring into your commercial space are:

  • Affordable installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Durable

When compared to hardwood, however, vinyl isn’t likely to last you the generations that hardwood is known for, and will require a bit more maintenance in the long run. When comparing to carpet, vinyl will often require lesser maintenance and may be a better fit for commercial spaces that are looking for something a little more easygoing for their flooring. For those who are on the fence between the sturdiness of hardwood, and the affordability of carpet, vinyl is a spot on middle point.


While the world of flooring is much larger than vinyl, carpet, and hardwood, these are some of the most popularly considered by business owners of all sorts. With these pros and cons, you should be able to determine which option is the best fit for your business and its needs, while also taking into consideration the aesthetic you’re trying to accomplish with your design.


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