The Contrast: Light vs. Dark Floors

Dark FloorsIt’s easy to choose a paint color, as that can be changed periodically. Even furniture comes and goes more quickly than floors. When deciding on a type of flooring for your home, it can be a tough decision and a lengthy one. Here’s a breakdown of the contrast: light vs. dark floors.

First, are you going with carpet or wood? Consider which you would rather have your feet touch in the morning, and what room the flooring will be laid in. In addition to comfort, you’ll need to think about your lifestyle. Pets can wreak havoc on hardwood with their nails, but an accident can also leave quite a mark on carpet. If you enjoy dinner in the family room, you may want to go with wood flooring, but carpet is fine if you take off your shoes at the door.

The great thing about hardwood is it is long lasting and can be refinished time and again. It’s also great for people with allergies, or those that are environmentally friendly. Just make sure you keep it clean. Spills and things of that nature are not as easily hidden on hardwood.

When it comes to carpet, it is much cheaper and easier to install. But you should also think about stains and if you will be proactive in getting it cleaned annually. Carpet is comfortable and warm on the feet in winer. It hides dirt and can last about 10 to 15 years. There are also more color choices in carpet, which means it’s time to delve deeper into the topic of discussion — light or dark floors?

Choosing between light or dark floors is a huge decision and can completely alter the vibe of your space. Dark floors usually provide a more elegant and modern look, while lighter floors are fitting for a clean environment with better lighting. Again, it is highly dependent on the room you’re using it in. For instance, a kitchen with white cabinetry would look great with a dark wood floor.

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