Benefits of Having a Stone Floor

stone floor

Sam Howzit / Stone Floor / Flickr

There are many different flooring options available now which can seem overwhelming to the consumer. But one option is often overlooked and can make a big impact on your property. Installing a stone floor can be cost effective, easy to maintain and help add value to your property. It will also give your property a unique, classic look that will not go out of style. Here are the benefits of installing a stone floor.

Installing a stone floor can seem like an expensive venture, one that might be hard for some homeowners to do. But with the current demand in stone flooring, there are actually many affordable options to choose from. There are slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone stone tiles that are available to choose from. Each one has a different look and feel, giving you many different options.

Each stone can be different, so there is a unique aspect to every stone floor. Not every stone floor will look alike, making your property stand out. If you’re going for a natural, cottage-like feel for your property, this is a great option to think about.

If you live in a hot climate, the stone floor can actually help keep your property cooler. During the winter, several homes have installed heating systems under their stone floor and help even out the heating in a room. Stone is a great heat conductor, so it can help cut down on overall heating costs.

A great thing about a stone floor is once you install it, there is little maintenance that follows. It is easy to clean and take care of, so most of the cost is on the front end. The stone floor will also have a very long life, meaning it will stay in peak condition for a very long time. There is no refinishing, resurfacing, re-glazing or anything required once it is installed.

Installing a stone floor can add value to your home and if you decide to sell, it can help you reclaim the cost of installation.

Most people think stone floors are only applicable to kitchens or bathrooms, but a stone floor can add a lot of style to any room in your property. There are many different styles and colors, so it will give each room a great feel. Match it with stone countertops or a paint color and you can make it feel like a completely different area of your house. A stone floor also can be installed in every climate, including wet climates where some might worry about adding a stone floor. Unlike wood floors, stone floors are very easy to maintain in every climate.

If you’re interested in a stone floor, Carolina Flooring can help you decide the best stone flooring option and guide you through everything you may need.

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit / Stone Floor / Flickr

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