4 Tile Floor Designs You Need to See

tile floor designsUpdating the flooring in our home can be a daunting and fun task. Letting our minds wander with the possibilities of what our home could look like when we are done is always a pleasant way to pass the time. Depending on your budget, you can either find something in a major store, find something a little more exotic, or you can mix the two. We at Carolina Flooring like to take our time with our clients and go through not only their expectations and budget but also how we can get the most for your money which will make your new tile floor design amazing. Check out these 4 tile floor designs that will show you some ideas that are perfect for any home.

One tile floor design idea is to use tiles that make not look exactly like tile. There are plenty examples out there that when first looking at them you may not know that they are tile. The color and shape of the tile can look more like hardwood floor. In doing this, it frees you from the hassle and pain of having hardwood floors when your climate may not allow for it. This tile floor design idea would be best in an area like the kitchen or bathroom where water can spill freely without worry.

Another tile floor design idea would be the use of a monochromatic color. There are always rooms in our home that we would love to make look larger when the physical space just isn’t available. When you use a light colored floor tile design and continue that color along the walls you will make the space look a lot larger. Keep in mind that the colors do not have to match perfectly. It is better if they just coordinate. This can also work in another important room in our home, the kitchen. Keeping the floor tile design, wall color as well as fun tile back splash all coordinated and in the same color family, the room will be pulled together and made to look larger than it is.

The third tile floor design idea is mixing and matching two different tiles to create an amazing floor. The way to achieve this look is to pick a larger tile for the majority of the tile floor design and another smaller tile that coordinates well with your wall colors and the larger tile. This idea can be used throughout your home like your foyer and dining room. You can also take the smaller tile and create a fun pattern which would give your floor a nice visual for family members and guests.

The last tile floor design idea is using small tiles. This may not sound very exciting but depending on your budget, it can be. Small tiles can be found 2 ways, already put in a pattern on a sheet that you would lay and fill in. This is best for those who have a smaller budget or are trying to lay it yourself without much experience. The other way is single tiles. This way can be a bit more tedious but the outcome is something completely custom. It is best to have a professional install tiles this way. You can come up with the design on your own and convey it to your professional installer.

Contact us today at Carolina Flooring to get your project started. Our informative staff will take you through all of the steps to make sure you have considered every form and function of your tile floor design before installation. This will insure your complete happiness in your new floor. 

Photo by: Canadian Home Trends

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