Flooring Services

Flooring Services Offered by Carolina Flooring Services

We offer a variety of flooring services to support our customers in their purchasing decision and flooring installation:

  • Free In Home Measurements – We will provide a free in home or in business measurement to ensure you select the right quantity and to eliminate waste. Contact us for assistance.
  • Flooring Installation Services – We provide flooring installation services for all of our products and are glad to help you sort through the complexities behind installing each type of floor. Contact us for more information, or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.
  • Cash and Carry Sales on “Do It Yourself” Projects

Best Flooring Installer in Charleston SC

Flooring InstallerHaving a new floor installed in your home is a great way to add value, beauty and a new feel to your home.  Flooring can change the look, atmosphere and warmth of your home without changing anything else.  Floors also can add comfort to your home if you are getting new carpeting, cork floors or another flooring option that is soft on your feet.  Flooring in your home also is something that will wear out over time and with use.  Putting in new flooring will increase the value of your home and help it to show well if you’re trying to sell it.  Lastly, if you choose to upgrade the type of flooring in your, say from linoleum to tile in your kitchen or bath, or hardwoods in a family room from carpet, it can increase the value of your home as those types of flooring are considered an upgrade.

Floor InstallationAs with any home project you can always try and tackle the project yourself or with a friend.  This can be a great option for you and your family.  Especially when it comes to flooring, installation may be something you can do on your own and save yourself a significant amount of money.  Before you decide to go out and by a bunch of materials, you should consider if your flooring project is something you would like to tackle.  First, consider what type of tools you may need for the job.  Just about every project will require some of the same basic hand tools, like a hammer, utility knife, knee pads, a pencil, a straight edge and level and a carpenter’s square.  Other projects will take different tools, like a table saw and/or a miter saw for wood floors, a knee kicker for carpeting or a tile cutter if you are doing tile.  Tile also will require a mixer and trowel and maybe even a tile saw.  Second, it is important to consider the amount of time that it will take you to complete to project.  Remember this is your time, as well as the time you and your family will have to live in a construction area.  Depending home much free time you have and what your time is worth to you, this can add up to be quite the cost.  Also, consider the time you and your family will spend living with tools laying around as trip hazards, subflooring being exposed and dust and dirt being spread around your living area.  In some cases putting in a new floor may even make a room unusable until the project is complete.

If you have the time, tools and enjoy doing the work, you might be ready to tackle your own home flooring project!  If that is the case then head over the Carolina Flooring Services on 1384 Remount Rd to take advantage of our cash and carry options on all different types of flooring!  If at the end of the day you’ve added up all the costs of doing your own flooring and it seems like the cost may be too great, Carolina Flooring Services also has professional installation available on all their flooring options.  Carolina Flooring Services will start your project with a free in home measurements to make sure you can accurately estimate your costs and purchase the correct amount of materials for your project.  Once you’ve settled on the new flooring you want for space Carolina Flooring will install in professionally from start to finish.  Carolina Flooring specializes in hardwood flooring including bamboo and cork, as well as carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile and stone.  Carolina flooring Services knows the difference between each flooring type and can make sure each gets installed properly and quickly and will last for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the specifics behind our flooring services, or about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or consultation.

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