Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom Flooring IdeasWhen it comes to your bathroom, your floor choice needs to be functional, first and foremost.  You want it to be stylish, or tie your overall bathroom décor together, but you need flooring that can hold up to the moisture and humidity in a bathroom, as well as looking good.  Fortunately, there are several choices available, depending on your style preference and budget.  Here are our top 5 bathroom flooring ideas.


1. Marble

When it comes to luxury, nothing says, “look at me” like marble.  Marble can be visually stimulating and can add the panache to an upscale bathroom remodel.  To add to the comfort, as marble can be cold to the bare feet, add floor heating.

2. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are resistant to moisture and their color goes all the way through, which is good if it gets chipped.  Porcelain tile is high quality and can survive the toughest applications.  You can find a variety of colors and styles for your bathroom needs.

3. Vinyl

With high performance and great value, vinyl flooring is always a great option for the bathroom.  Vinyl can come in the looks of several other flooring options, such as ceramic tile, stone, or wood.  It can be better for your budget and easier to maintain.

4.  Pebble Tile

Pebble tile can add a soft, natural look to a bathroom.  The pebble tiles also offer a spa feel as they massage the feet.  This can be a unique and beautiful option for your bathroom.  If, however, you’re thinking about installing pebble tile yourself, it can be challenging.  Here are tips to help you install your pebble tile.

5. Cork

Cork flooring in the bathroom can keep you comfortable.  Unlike stone and tiles, it is warm to the touch.  Cork is also an eco-friendly option.  Cork is available in a full range of colors.  While it is not waterproof, it is water resistant and a polyurethane topcoat can help protect it.

While these are our top 5 bathroom flooring options, another option could be wood.  It may not sound like a logical choice for the bathroom due to all the moisture.  It may be purely a choice based upon its looks and style and not functionality.  However, if you’re going for a vintage look, or a natural look, wood can make a beautiful flooring option.  At least two coats of urethane finish are required, and any standing water could still damage the wood.

Several factors will affect your bathroom flooring choice, including budget and the size of he bathroom.  What works well for a grandiose master bathroom may not work for a small guest bathroom.  Take a look at some options for flooring in smaller bathrooms.

Whether you are seeking the material and plan to install yourself, or you need assistance with the full installation, Carolina Flooring Services can assist you with flooring throughout your home and business.  Contact us now for a consultation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vinyl may be the bet option for budget and functionality
  2. Marble adds to the majesty of a master bath
  3. Porcelain tile and cork provide gorgeous, natural options for your bathroom.


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