Considering Marble Tiles for Your Charleston Home?

If you are considering marble tiles for your home or office in Charleston, whether for most of your house or various parts, you should take proper steps to understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with using marble in your space.  Real marble floors can give you a truly beautiful, unique look that is truly unlike any other surface material available.

When you install marble floors, you will have various grades and styles to consider that provide you with various shades, patterns, and textures.  However, this variability in textures and patterns can make it very difficult when you are trying to install the marble tiles and maintain a consistent appearance.   You should take proper steps to make sure you will be pleased with your marble and the final result.  For example, make sure you set the tiles to experience how they will look before you completely install the material.  This will enable you increased oversight and control over the final result, and will help you hedge against the variable patterns and mixed appearance that may result from misplaced tiles.

Like it’s stone counterparts, marble requires a fairly high degree of maintenance.  For example, you will have to seal and clean the marble regularly to maintain optimum condition.  Also, for cleaning you will want to use only mild detergents or products specifically made to clean marble.  Be extra cautious when you are considering cleaning your marble floors, as you do not want to create any  lasting damage.  Also, many people forget that you should avoid setting drinks or bottles down on marble surfaces, as it will usually leave a ring.  Finally, you should consult your flooring company to understand how to avoid cracking, staining and etching in your marble floors, as all are fairly common issues associated with marble surfaces.

We at Carolina Flooring Services sincerely want to help the Charleston community make the most informed decisions when it comes to selecting the floors for your home or office.  Call us today for a free consultation or more information.



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