The Advantages of Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring in CharlestonWhen it comes to a humid climate near the beach, tile flooring can be a great option.  Tile flooring can have some advantages over hardwoods in regards to durability in humidity.  Also, Charleston is near the beach, so tile flooring is a great option in that it is fairly easy to clean.  If you have a beachfront property in Charleston, SC, then tile flooring might be a great new floor for your property.  In humid climates near the water, hardwood flooring might not be your best option, instead you should consider tile flooring.  Here is what you should know about tile flooring in Charleston, SC and the advantages it comes with:

What You Should Know about Ceramic Tile Flooring in Charleston, SC:

  • When it comes to flooring, ceramic tile can provide a great look in addition to giving you comfort, and durability.  Ceramic tiles are strong and highly durable when compared to other forms of flooring
  • Durability
    When you install ceramic tiles, you can rest assured they will be around for a while.  Typically, ceramic tiles are known to have longer life spans than other comparable flooring types.
  • High Resistance
    You’ll be pleased to know that ceramic tiles are also fire resistant, and they do not give off smoke or toxic fumes when exposed to flame.  In addition, ceramic tiles are also highly resistant to moisture.  This means they can be a great option for your Charleston home or areas in your house that might be considered wet areas, or exposed to damp foot traffic.  In regards to foot traffic, ceramic tiles are also known to be highly resistance to the wear that comes with heavy traffic, making them great options for you and your busy family, or your office.
  • Non-Slip
    If you are concerned about slipping on your floor, whether it be ceramic or hardwood, you should definitely consult a flooring expert.  We at Carolina Flooring can help you find the perfect option to minimize slipping.  In regards to ceramic tiles, you may be able to treat the tile material with a grit or layer to help prevent slipping.
  • Easy to Clean
    Ceramic tiles are also known for being easy to clean.  If you are looking for a hygienic option, then you should consider ceramic tile for your home or office.  When you’ve got to have a high standard of cleanliness, then think ceramic.
At Carolina Flooring we are here to help make it easy for you.  If you are considering tile flooring for your Charleston residence, whether it be ceramic or not, we can help you evaluate the advantages for all types and materials.  When you’ve finished compiling the advantages of the different types of materials, we can work with you on style and color to make sure you get the look and feel you are after!

Photo:  Mike Sheard


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