Residential Flooring Options: Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpeting

Residential Flooring Options: Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpeting

Residential Flooring Options: Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpeting

If you are tired of dealing with the old carpet you have throughout your house and want to replace it with something that may offer your household better air quality and reduced allergens; then hardwood flooring may be the right choice.

Dust mites, pollen, and other allergens can enter the carpet and become trapped which may require extra cleaning and maintenance time for the homeowner to keep it clean and under control. Yes, hardwood will still see allergens and everything else mentioned above, but it is a lot easier to clean and will not trap as many of these particles as carpeting would. However, it is also said that since the allergens are trapped inside the carpet, fewer of them are distributed around the house when the carpeting is walked on.

Many different residential flooring options are available to a homeowner. The two most common residential flooring options rest at hardwood flooring and carpeting. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each of these residential flooring options that you will want to take into consideration before deciding which will best suit your needs and home.

Disadvantages of Carpeting

  • Carpeting colors and residential flooring types are constantly going out of style so you may have to replace it several times as the trends come and go. You may also want to change the look of the area which may require a different kind of carpeting to fit in with the modern environment you have envisioned
  • Carpet requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. It is hard to keep carpet looking new, especially in the higher traffic areas of the home. However, there are innovative technologies that may be able to provide colorfastness and stain protection, but they come at higher prices for your residential flooring needs
  • Carpets need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, and most of the time, this extensive cleaning requires expensive carpet cleaner aids and shampooing the carpet can even lead to the growth of mildew and dampness
  • Finally, carpet loves to house dust mites and other allergens which is why it is so important to regularly vacuum, clean, and maintain the carpet to keep these allergens to a minimum

Advantages of Carpet

  • Carpet can help insulate the home, especially during those cooler months, and helps to maintain the heat in the home
  • It is comfortable on the feet when walking because it is soft and plush
  • Carpet also helps to reduce the amount of noise in the home
  • Finally, carpet is safer because it greatly reduces and slips and falls

While carpet may be best suited for the interior of your home, it is important to research the benefits of hardwood residential flooring as well for an alternative to the high maintenance found with carpeting.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood residential flooring makes a healthier environment, especially if you suffer from allergies
  • They are relatively minimal maintenance flooring options and are less prone to be damaged due to spills and stains
  • Wood is a sustainable natural resource, so hardwood may be a more ecological flooring choice to evaluate
  • Hardwood flooring offers unsurpassed beauty and value to the home. The aesthetic reasoning behind hardwood and laminate flooring is immense due to the many assorted colors, styles, designs, and types you can choose from

Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

  • This flooring option may come at a higher initial cost
  • While it is not prone to stains, it can still be scuffed, scratched, and dented if not properly cared for and maintained
  • Hardwood flooring will not help insulate the home in cooler environments like carpet would

The biggest factor to consider when deciding between hardwood residential flooring and carpeting really comes down to the homeowner’s personal preferences and style. There are many hardwood options available that are beautiful, authentic, handcrafted, and original and will surely enhance the look and feel of your home. With so many options available, you will be sure to find the unique hardwood residential flooring option that best suits your home.

If you are faced with the decision between carpeting and hardwood residential flooring but want minimal maintenance and a cleaner aesthetic, then hardwood flooring would be the best option. It offers a clean and natural aesthetic that is relatively easy to maintain. It may come at a higher price initially, but you will save in the long run because it does not require the additional use of expensive chemical treatments and shampoos and it will not go out of style as quickly as carpeting would.

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