The Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Why Buy Laminate Floors in Charleston
Laminate flooring is a material that is able to simulate a variety of flooring types, including that of hardwood floors. However, it does not have the same problems that are often associated with hardwood floors, including the warping that occurs when the floors get wet.

Wet Floors are a Problem with Hardwood Floors
Wet floors are a major problem for homes by the beach because people will often come inside with wet shoes and the moisture in the air would contribute to the warping of wood if the floors from the laminate flooring Charleston SC company were instead made out of wood.

Cleaning is Easier
Cleaning and maintenance is much easier with laminate floors because the material is protected from stains and spills. The floor will need to be swept and vacuumed periodically to make sure that the dirt and grit is removed so that the floor does not erode. The floors are very durable and can last a very long time without needing to be replaced.

Laminate Floors are Easy to Install
One of the biggest benefits of laminate floors is that they are easy to install and many people are able to install their laminate floors on their own without the help of the a contractor. Also, the laminate floors will acclimate to the environment in as little as 36 hours, while the hardwood floors can take as long as 6 weeks to acclimate.

Laminate Floors are More Affordable
Many homeowners will love the money that they save when they get laminate floors because they are much cheaper than hardwood floors, but will look as nice as hardwood flooring. Another way that laminate floors save money is by eliminating the need for homeowners to refinish their hardwood floors, which saves money and headaches.

They Sometimes Have a Warranty
If the laminate floors are damaged for any reason, the laminate flooring Charleston SC company will usually have a warranty and will come and repair the floors for free.

They Can be Placed Over Most Floors
Some owners are able to install laminate flooring over almost any other existing flooring structure, including hardwood floors, tiles and concrete.

They are Better for Health Than Carpets
One material that it unfortunately cannot be installed on is carpet. However, it might be worthwhile to remove the carpet and replace it with laminate floors, since the laminate floors are better for the resident’s health than carpet. Moisture can get absorbed into the carpet and will then contribute to the growth of mold, which can cause allergic reactions and mold to develop in the air.

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