Top Nine Kitchen Floor Choices

Kitchen Floor ChoicesThese are the top nine kitchen flooring choices with their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Ceramic tile.  This is a great choice for every budget. It offers endless color, shape and pattern choices. It can stand plenty of wear and tear and it is easy to clean. It is great for warmer climates, as it stays cool. Disadvantages include the chance for tiles to crack as a floor settles, it can be slippery when wet, and it is a hard surface, which can cause anything dropped on it to break.

  2. Solid wood. Solid wood offers warmth and charm. It’s classic good looks complement any décor. It is lasting, durable, easy to clean, and fits many budgets. Care must be taken to clean up spills quickly.

  3. Natural stone. Some choices for natural stone include limestone, slate, and granite. The natural beauty of stone is unique to each floor and offers elegant and classy good looks and an upscale feel. It is cool in hot climates, durable and easy to maintain. However, it can be a more expensive choice and does require regular sealing. Care must be taken against scratches and chips.

  4. Cork. This is a very ecofriendly, sustainable choice. It has strong patterns and bold textures. It is resilient and soft to stand on and has the added benefit of absorbing sound. A unique feature of cork is that it is naturally rich in a substance called suberin, which naturally resists mold, mildew, rot and pests. The drawbacks include that it can scar and it needs to be sealed regularly.

  5. Concrete. This is a choice that requires professional installation. It can have many patterns and textures, so the choices are broad and varied. One benefit is that if you decide later, it can be the base for any other flooring choice on top of it. It is virtually indestructable, so it is suited to a lot of traffic and activity. It does need to be sealed. It can be a more expensive choice depending on the size of your space, and the finishing effects are an added cost.

  6. Vinyl. This is a choice that is the most affordable and the number of pattern choices are endless. It can mimic more expensive choices for a much lower cost. It is easy to install and to clean, and it is gentle to stand on for periods of time. It does show wear after about five years, however, and is prone to dent, bubble or curl over time.

  7. Linoleum. This is a natural surface that looks similar to vinyl but is more eco friendly. It is easy to clean, durable, and offers a broad range of looks. It can show wear quickly if not properly sealed and waxed.

  8. Bamboo. This is another affordable, ecofriendly, sustainable choice. Thought it is a grass, it looks like hardwood. Though softer than wood, it is still a durable choice. It is low maintenance, affordable, and beautiful with a style that can lend an exotic look without the cost of tropical woods. It is also less resistant to moisture and has fewer color options, compared to hardwood.

  9. Laminate. This is a less expensive choice than hardwood, and has a variety of color and pattern options. It is composed of several layers of engineered material and is very durable, requiring little maintenance. The disadvantage is that it cannot be refinished like hardwood, and so if it is damaged, must be replaced.

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