Top 5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen flooring ideas

Modern Condo Kitchen featuring Graphite color hardwood floor (Red Oak-Graphite)

Long gone are the days of the kitchen remodel featuring avocado green appliances and linoleum floors.  In the 21st century, virtually any color palette is acceptable. Stainless steel or brightly colored appliances highlight many kitchens and linoleum is no longer the “go to” surface for your kitchen floor. The possibilities are endless but we thought we’d narrow the options to the top five kitchen flooring ideas.

Before getting into the options, there are some factors to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen floor.

Traffic and Usage 

The kitchen sees a lot of action.  Do you have kids?  Are they young or old?  Do food and drinks get pitched across the kitchen by a two-year-old like a big league pitcher?  Keep all this in mind when selecting flooring.


Is there high water usage?  Frequent spills? Can your kitchen floor handle the liquid?


Are you standing in your kitchen cooking three meals a day?  Is your kitchen the primary social area in your home?  If so, you want to be comfortable and the harder the surface, the less comfortable you’ll be.


We’ve talked about spills, and that creates safety concerns.  Are several family members working in the kitchen at one time?  Maybe this is the new kitchen area for a business or church.  Safety is a concern, so you want to make sure your kitchen floor choice offers better traction and is resilient to prevent slips.

Now that you know what to keep in mind, let’s look at the top 5 kitchen flooring ideas.

 1.   Vinyl

Vinyl is durable, cost effective, and offers more styling options than ever before.  It won’t scratch, stain, or fade and it will hold up to the kids and the pets.  On the downside, it does not offer the high end or natural look that you may want in your kitchen.

2.   Laminate

A laminate floor can provide you with the look of wood, without the expense of wood flooring.  It’s durable, easy to clean and comes in matte or glossy finishes.  Laminate is also appealing in it’s ease of installation.

3.   Ceramic Tile

Tile offers a sophisticated look and can be arranged in a multitude of patterns for different looks and styles.  Tile can withstand heavy traffic from a full family or business.  It does not absorb odor or bacteria.  All that being said, the serious cook will want to own comfortable shoes to stand on a ceramic tile floor for extended cooking sessions.

4.   Hardwood

Offering the ultimate in classic, hardwood can make a kitchen feel modern and sophisticated or bring rustic charm. Hardwood is long lasting and can be resurfaced to update the look.  It is natural and eco-friendly.  However, it is susceptible to damage from gouging or water and probably may not be the best choice if you’re working on a tight budget. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing hardwood and you can gain more knowledge on our hardwood flooring page

5.   Cork

If you’re spending long hours in the kitchen and comfort is a concern and you like the idea of cutting energy costs, cork is a great option.  Cork flooring is natural, durable, and healthy. offers a great look at the benefits of cork flooring.

No matter your budget, your style, or the amount of time you and your family spend in the kitchen, there are some wonderful options for kitchen flooring ideas.  Once you’ve set your budget and done a little research, any of these five kitchen flooring ideas can make a great enhancement to your home.  You can see the latest styles from the many manufacturers carried by Carolina Flooring Services. Contact us today to find the best flooring for your needs.

Key Takeaways

1.   Set your budget.

2.   Keep in mind how your kitchen will be used.

3.   Pick your style.  Is it better to look good, feel good, or get the best of both?

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