Choosing the Right Floor for that Charleston Kitchen!

If you are like most low country residents, you probably have a deep love of southern cooking, which means you spend much of your time in the kitchen.  It wasn’t many years ago that most flooring companies would primarily suggest using forms of tile and linoleum for your kitchen.  These are still great options, and popular with many of our customers.  However, we now have more choices available, so you can truly achieve the look and feel you have always dreamed about.  Make sure you think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen, and be sure to consider all options.

When it comes to choosing the right floor for your Charleston kitchen, many are opting for good old hardwood.  Wood flooring has truly become a favorite for many homeowners, as it adds charm, warmth, and value to your residence.  You are seeing it used throughout homes, and kitchen areas are no exception.  One of the main causes of why we have witnessed an increased use in hardwoods, is the fact that many homes constructed today contain open floor plans with smooth transitions from kitchen to living spaces.  This creates a blended feel in the home and many homeowners do not want to disturb the transition by changing the flooring material.

When you are thinking about your kitchen, remember that it truly has become the area of congregation for many American families.  Many people choose to hang out in the kitchen as opposed to retiring to a separate formal or casual living room.  If you want to create warmth and consistency, you should consider hardwood floors throughout.

When it comes time to install those new wood floors, you should remember that you can apply both oil and wax finishes to create various textures:  weathered, antique or aged, or sleek.  However, you should note that sometimes finishes can be less durable in the kitchen areas and more often will require a regimen of waxing.   When you think about your kitchen, you should consider pretreated floors that use polyurethane for protection.  Check with flooring company to determine how often you should reseal your floors.

Also remember that you truly have many options when it comes to choosing hardwoods.  Besides finishes and textures, you will have sizing options and wood type:  oak, maple, pine, cherry, and hickory.

We at Carolina Flooring Services sincerely want to help the Charleston community make the most informed decisions when it comes to selecting the floors for your home or office.  Call us today for a free consultation or more information.


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