5 Benefits of Installing Laminate Flooring

installing laminate flooringIf you are in the market for a new floor, reviewing your options can be mind boggling. Trying to fit in everything that you want without breaking the bank and considering what is the best fit for your whole family is difficult. One option that you may have not considered fully is laminate flooring. Laminate is a fantastic option for families who don’t want to skimp on style or function. Fortunately our knowledgeable staff at Carolina Flooring knows all of the ins and outs of all types of flooring and have compiled a list of our top 5 benefits of installing laminate flooring.

The top benefit for installing laminate flooring is its ease of installation. Not only is the actual installation easy but prepping the planks and subfloor is easy. When you get your boxes of planks, they are cut into even 4 foot strips making layout a breeze. They also only need 36 hours to acclimate to the room it will be installed in. When it comes to the subfloor, laminate can be installed on any type of subfloor, concrete, wood, or even an existing floor, all it needs is an even and dry subfloor. After laying a sheet of underlayment material and laying out the floor, each plank clicks into the other without using any adhesive. This also makes repairing and installing a new floor very easy.

Another perk of installing laminate flooring is that it can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. The only place where it would not be a good idea would be anywhere where you could have standing water, such as a bathroom or laundry room. Since there is still wood inside the laminate plank, it will be destroyed by water. Along with that, it will also stand the test of time in the sun as well. 

If your health is a big concern to you or you have someone who tends to get sick easily, installing laminate flooring is a must. Since the top layers are made of a plastic that is bacteria resistant, it makes keeping things sterile a lot easier. You can also get a special coating to make the planks allergen resistant and anti-bacterial.

It has been said many times but ease of cleaning is definitely a top benefit for installing laminate. No need for specialty cleaners. All it takes is daily sweeping and regular mopping to keep your laminate looking amazing. For mopping all it takes is a mix of hot water with some white distilled vinegar and a mild soap to clean up the dirt and grime that comes with life. Be sure to mop with a damp mop so your floors do not stay wet for too long.

Besides being a cheaper option than hardwood, one of the top benefits of installing laminate flooring is that it is very versatile. Technology today has mastered the ability to make laminate floors look like any natural material. Some companies can even mimic some of the surface texture to even feel like the natural material. 

After reviewing the benefits of installing laminate flooring, it becomes quite clear that laminate is a natural choice for most families. Contact our amazing staff today at Carolina Flooring to help you decide everything you will need to outfit your home in laminate.

Photo by: Boa-Franc

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