Where to Buy Hardwood Flooring in Charleston

buying hardwood flooringPurchasing hardwood flooring for your home can be a great decision.  Hardwood flooring has so many advantages over carpeting for your home.  First, hardwood floors can cut down on the number of allergens in your home quickly and easily.  The fibers of carpets can trap allergens, dust and dirt and slowly release it into your home as you vacuum it and even as you and your family walk and play on it.  Hardwood does not trap any of these allergens and is much easier to clean thoroughly.  Also, having hardwood in your home will always add value and help your home seller quicker and for more money if that time ever comes for you and your family.

Today there is such a wide variety of hardwood flooring options available that you can get almost limitless choices in finishes, colors, patterns and durability that it is one of the most practical floor covering choices available today.  Hardwood flooring of any reputable brand can last a lifetime and beyond if it is properly maintained.

Whether you are adding an addition to your home, have new construction or you are upgrading a current living space hardwood floors are the smart choice.  Equally as smart as choosing the right flooring is choosing the right supplier and installer.  Even the top of the line hardwood floors can buckle, warp or wear prematurely if they are not properly installed.  This can be even trickier when adding hardwood floors during a remodel or to an existing space.  Existing spaces have special considerations due to the space, the existing walls, adjacent floors or current décor that can affect not just the choice of the hardwood flooring used, but also the installation processes.

Free room measuringIf you live in the Charleston area and are looking to purchase hardwood flooring consider choosing Carolina Flooring.  Carolina Flooring has a proven track record and we will be able to help you through your entire flooring project.  We start by showing you we care about your project and your budget by offering free in home measurements.  Having good measurements of the space you want to cover is the first step in any flooring project.  The right measurements can help ensure you get the right amount of flooring to eliminate waste but is also the start to discovering the type of flooring you can purchase and still stay in your budget.

Once you’ve got the right measurements, visit our showroom at 3830 Dorchester Road where we can show you the wide variety of hardwood flooring options and finishes.  We have an in depth knowledge of all the products we offer and can help you find the perfect finishes and floor to meet your budget and complete your space.

When you are ready to start your remodel or finish the floors in the new space stop by Carolina flooring in North Charleston or call us at 843-225-0700 to start your project today!

Pictures Provided by: www.factorycarpets.ie and itisfinishedonline.com

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