What are the Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

We at Carolina Flooring want to be your local Charleston, SC expert on hardwood flooring.  We believe in educating our clients about the differences between the various types and grades of hardwoods.  You should know from the start how the various products on the market compare, so you can make an informed decision.  Here is a brief buying guide to hardwood floors for those of you in Charleston, SC looking for the perfect hardwoods:

When you add hardwoods to your home, you will notice they add distinct warmth and beauty to each room.  They are also a great way you can increase the value of your home.  You’ll quickly find out that there are many different styles of hardwoods to choose from, including forms of bamboo and cork!

You will have options to buy prefinished hardwood floors or floors that you can wait to finish for the new flooring site.   We at Carolina Flooring Services in Charleston, SC make finding the perfect hardwoods as easy as possible.  We are here to help you choose the right form, style, and installation method!

When it comes to installing hardwood floors in Charleston, SC you will want to make sure you have an expert at your side.  It’s true that most hardwood floors can be installed at any level of your home with various construction types to allow for flexibility over subfloors and moisture conditions.  However, you should consult an expert to ensure you make the best possible decision.  You should consider the subfloor and level of your home when making the decision on construction type of hardwood.

Being in Charleston, SC you should take into consideration moisture and humidity when making your flooring decision.  The Charleston environment can affect the condition of your hardwoods.  Make sure that when you are installing hardwood floors you look out for issues such as warping and cupping.  To help mitigate the effects of moisture, you can choose the right hardwood construction type and installation materials.  Typically, you can use an added moisture barrier during installation to give you an extra layer of moisture protection.  Also, it is not usually recommended that you install hardwoods in full bathrooms where moisture can become a real problem.  Remember, we are here to help!

3 Primary Forms of Subfloor

  • Basement or concrete below ground level
  • Concrete at ground level
  • Plywood subfloor at or above ground level

General Hardwood Construction Types

  • Solid (3/4 in or 5/16 in)
  • Engineered
  • Locking

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