Caring for Hardwoods in Charleston, SC

Hardwood Flooring in Charleston, SCWhether you have lived in Charleston for a long time or just moved to the area, you are probably aware of the humidity that we see almost year round. The humidity coupled with the proximity to the ocean has a unique impact on our buildings, homes, and the elements we install within them. Flooring is no exception, and you should always look at the standards in your community and schedule a consultation to discuss your best option if you are seeking a new floor. The humid environment in Charleston can uniquely impact hardwood floors, but here is a general guide to help you care for your future or existing hardwood floors:

One way you can take care of your hardwood floors, is to put down floor mats or large area rugs. By placing floor mats at the entryways to your home, you encourage all entrants to wipe their feet, which will hopefully prevent the dirt and grime from becoming scattered throughout your home or office. This may seem obvious, but it is a great step to ensure your floor looks its best.

Also, place mats where water might be spilled. For example the kitchen should have mats near the sink to prevent water damage. You should note however, that rubber backed mats or non-ventilated materials placed down on your hardwoods may in fact damage your floors, so always use mats or rugs that are designed for hardwood floors.

When cleaning your floors, try to use materials that are recommended by your flooring retailer or manufacturer. We at Carolina Flooring are glad to guide you in how to best care for your new floor to ensure a long life and feel free to call us today with specific questions.

When you are taking care of your floor you should avoid certain actions and always follow best practices:

  • You should avoid waxing a wood floor with a urethane finish, and avoid using ammonia cleaners and oil soaps as they both will dull the appearance.
  • Also, avoid excessive water use when cleaning your hardwoods, as your wood will naturally expand. Call us to discuss how best to clean your hardwoods.

When you are trying to care for your hardwood over the long term life of your product, you should consider grinding down and recoating your floor to improve the appearance. Also, remember to treat your windows to protect against sun damage and rotate your flooring rugs and furniture to make sure all areas are evenly exposed to sunlight. Finally, make sure you cover the bottom legs of your tables and furniture to avoid unsightly scratches and marks on your floors.

We at Carolina Flooring, want to help the Charleston community make the most informed decisions when it comes to choosing the floors for your home or office. Call us today for a free consultation or to discuss how best to care for your new hardwoods.

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