Tip for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Three Tips to Clean Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floors in CharlestonHardwood floors have an advantage over “softer” wood floors because they are more dense,and their density makes them a bit more durable.  You should consider the type of wood and consult an expert before you make any big decision regarding wood flooring for your home.  Keep in mind too that unlike carpeting and rugs, hardwoods typically don’t trap dirt or mold. Unlike stone or tile flooring, hardwood flooring is warm and supple to walk on and isn’t as slippery. When properly cared for, hardwood floors can last a very long time, making them a great investment!

Many species of hardwoods can go into making hardwood flooring, including oak and maple. Other, more exotic types of hardwoods that can be used for flooring include: teak, gum, bubinga and wenge.  If you are in Charleston, SC and looking for help with deciding on what types of hardwood floors are best for your space, then give us a call today, and we can help you better understand your options.

Taking care of hardwood floors is fairly easy. Basically, the home owner needs to prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the wood and causing scratches. Repairing deep scratches might necessitate that a tile or a plank of the wooden floor be pried up and replaced. The homeowner should also avoid saturating the floor with water.

Here are three tips on how to clean hardwood floors

  1. Don’t clean a floor made of hardwoods with a soaking wet mop. Water can make the wood warp and swell up. It can also strip the shine from its finish and discolor it. Floors made of hardwood should be dry-mopped, and any spills should be wiped up right away with a cloth that’s only lightly dampened. The floor can also be regularly cleaned with a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum, using the floor attachment.
  2. Never clean a hardwood floor with cleaning products that are made for a vinyl or tile floor. These products will not only make the floor dull, but they can make the floor slippery and dangerous to walk on.
  3. Once in a while the hardwood floor can be cleaned with a product specifically made to clean it. Remember to always consult a professional or expert when you are deciding on cleaning products for your hardwoods.

Other tips for keeping the wood floor in top shape are:  avoid walking on it with high heels or shoes with cleats, install plastic or felt pads beneath the feet of heavy furniture to prevent dents, and lay mats and area rugs around the floor to keep grit and dirt from scratching it. An area rug is especially useful in a place of high humidity, like the kitchen or the bathroom.  With these tips in mind, the homeowner can enjoy their hardwood flooring for decades, and so will their children and grandchildren!

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