Residential Flooring Maintenance – Pet-Proofing Your Floors

pet-flooringSometimes, it seems as though having nice floors or having pets is a choice we have to make. But if you maintain your floors properly, you can keep them looking nice and keep man’s best friend around at the same time! Follow these recommendations for residential flooring maintenance to ensure that your floors stay beautiful even with your dogs and cats running to and fro.

  1. Create a grooming space by the door to keep more dirt outside where it belongs.

One of the easiest ways for hardwood flooring to become scratched is by dirt or sand on the floor. Indoor-outdoor pets often bring in extra dirt from outside that may not be as noticeable until it accumulates over time. To limit the amount of dirt and sand on your floors, always wipe your pet’s paws before bringing them back into the house. Keep a brush outside as well, and brush through their hair a bit to get rid of dirt and sand that may still be left in their coat.

  1. To keep your floors in the best shape, clean them more often when you have indoor-outdoor pets.

Even if you consistently wipe your pet’s paws and brush through their coat before bringing them in the house, tracking some dirt and sand into the house is inevitable. No doubt about it, though, even little bits of dirt and sand can wreak havoc over time. So, be sure to vacuum and sweep hardwood floors daily to keep them in their best shape. Don’t have time to vacuum or sweep everyday? Consider getting a hands-free vacuum such as a Roomba to help keep floors clear of dirt and hair.

  1. Keep your pet’s nails short, or use vinyl caps over the nails to help prevent scratching.

Dirt and sand aren’t the only things that scratch a floor. Sharp nails on your pets’ paws can also cause serous damage. A few ways to prevent scratching are to keep your pet’s nails trimmed by either having your vet trim them or trimming them yourself. Be careful that the clipped nails aren’t sharp, though, as this will only hurt your floors more. To help with this, use a device that not only clips them but also sands and shapes them. Or you can ask your vet about vinyl caps for the nails to protect your floors even further.

  1. Recoat your floors with a professional finish.

Regardless of how much you try to follow all of the above tips, eventual wear and tear is inevitable. One of the best ways to ensure that damage to the actual floors is minimal, however, is to regularly apply new coats and sealants to your floors. To know exactly which type to apply and how often you’ll need to reapply, we recommend you contact one of our residential flooring experts at Carolina Flooring Services, Inc.

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