Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Wood Floor

If you decided to use wood flooring in your home, then you have provided a beautiful aesthetic for your home while also improving the overall value. Wood floors are a worthwhile investment that, when taken care of, can last up to twenty-five years or even more.

Hardwood floors are generally an easy maintenance flooring option because of their durability. Most hardwood floors just need to be regularly swept and mopped to keep their shine and beautiful appearance. Every once in a while, you can use a wood floor cleaner to add more shine and a deeper clean, but not much else is required.

You also receive an incredible value when choosing hardwood flooring for your home. While initially the price may seem high, in the long run, you will see that you have made a sound investment. Even when you are considering selling your home, a lot of buyers are looking for hardwood flooring and consider it an upgrade that they will pay for.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Wood Floors

When you are deciding on which wood flooring option to choose for your home, you should not base your decision on appearance alone. Not all wood is created equal, and each type will have its own individual and unique characteristics. Educate yourself on the type of wood and its durability before you choose a type based solely on appearance.

Always make sure that everything is done correctly during the installation of your brand-new wood flooring. Proper preparation and steps should be taken to ensure that all parts of the process are followed thoroughly, including determining the amount of time the installation will take and how much time you will need to allow before the floor can be walked on.

Don’t just hire anyone to install your wood flooring. Make sure only high-quality materials will be used, and the skill and experience of the installers are up to par. Again, wood flooring is a sizable investment, and you will want the assurance of knowing that everything is being done correctly to avoid any problems later.

Mistakes to Avoid in Wood Floor Care

After installation, you should take proper care of the wood floors and avoid a few things that can actually cause more harm than good.

Not sweeping the floor regularly is a mistake many homeowners make. Sweeping can help lengthen the lifespan of your wood flooring because it is removing all the dirt and debris and other abrasive particles that can essentially scratch the surface of the floor and cause damage that you will not be able to fix.

Be mindful of the vacuum attachments you are using on the wood flooring as well because, again, you want to be careful not to scratch the floor. You also want to be able to get into any cracks or other hard to reach areas to remove all the dirt and particles. The brush attachment of the vacuum is a desirable choice and will not hurt the floors.

When mopping, do not saturate the floors with a lot of water. Water can cause the wood to begin to warp and separate and can cause discoloration. If you need to clean the floors, then you should use a mop that is just damp and be sure to dry the floor immediately after it has been cleaned so that any water left behind will not be able to linger and seep into the wood.

Be careful of what products you use on the floor as well. Even if they say they are safe to use on hardwood floors, you will want to reconsider. Most oil based cleaners and polishes can actually damage the wood and dull the finish of your flooring.

Finally, do not allow any sharp objects to graze the wood floors such as high heeled shoes. High heeled shoes can cause damage to the flooring.

Learning which mistakes to avoid when it comes to your hardwood floors can help improve their life and durability, and they will serve you and your home for a long time. If you are ever unsure of what is safe to use on your floors, you should consult with the manufacturer for more tips and recommendations.

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