Tips for Keeping Your Hardwoods in Top Shape

Tips for Keeping Hardwoods in Top Shape

HardwoodsFrom the first day of installation, it is essential that hardwood flooring is cleaned and tended properly. The furniture that is moved back into the room should have felt or another soft material covering the legs. The couches, chairs and television stands will be moved and placed into the room carefully, but at any point could be moved unexpectedly by guests or family members. That is a scratch on the floor that could have been avoided.

The environment contributes to how often you should clean the floors. When the family tracks in dirt, sand or mud from outside, it will be hard to keep the floor clean and shiny. Those homes near the ocean are especially hard to maintain. Family can track in sand, and the corrosive elements of the salty air can eat away at the floor’s finish. Any hardwood flooring company Charleston SC can tell you; they often have to replace slats of hardwoods that weren’t maintained properly. Sand gets ground into the floor when it is not removed immediately. Sea air eats into the hardwood’s glossy finish. Be especially mindful of the environment in which you live.

Daily dusting
Dirt and scratches to the floor can dull the finish over time, so the floors should be dry dusted on a daily basis. This means no chemicals are needed or wanted for this process. You can vacuum, dust or sweep the floors, and it is helpful to use a felt material to pick up the dust instead of pushing it around. In the case of a home that is prone to the elements, along with the daily cleaning, you might have to clean up more often. Sand that is tracked in should be removed immediately.

Weekly washing
Once a week, you should wash the floor with a special hardwood flooring cleaner. Avoid water and vinegar or soap-based cleaners since these will dull or eat into the finish. There are cleaners made especially for hardwoods. If you live close to the ocean and find that the corrosive properties of the sea air is effecting the shine of your floor, especially hardwood flooring Charleston SC, will need to be cleaned more often. This is based on personal experience. After the first few weeks, you will be able to judge how long you can go between mopping.

Monthly polishing
Every few months, the floor should be polished. This means adding a protective layer to the floor to cover up small, unavoidable scratches from everyday use. Remove the furniture to polish the whole floor. Hardwood flooring in Charleston SC should be polished more frequently. Any hardwood flooring company Charleston SC will recommend reapplying polish once a month for a satiny finish.

Be aware of any potential scratching situations. Dog’s nails should be kept neat and trimmed to avoid scratches on the floor. Spills should be cleaned up immediately with a felt-head mop. A string mop will add water to the floor while pushing dirt around.

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