Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floors in Charleston SC
Hardwood Floors Charleston, SCCaring for hardwood flooring in Charleston, SC is a unique proposition, given the humidity and proximity to the beach, but hardwoods are definitely worth the investment. The advantages of buying hardwoods in this environment far outweigh the difficulties. For example, no flooring has the rich hues and the subtle shadings of hardwoods. Moreover, a hardwood floor has just enough give to reduce the impact you feel when walking on it, yet it is a firm, lasting flooring option for your home or office in Charleston. In fact, well maintained hardwood floors in Charleston, SC can last for many, many years.

Engineered wood flooring is more resistant to humid climates, like those near the beach, Charleston for example. Its construction allows it to shrink and expand without damage. True hardwoods can also be used in humid climates with the proper precautions. For example, installing a moisture barrier before laying the hardwood will protect it from ground moisture.

Several factors influence the integrity of hardwood flooring in Charleston SC. First, the air conditioner setting must be high enough to avoid reaching the ambient dew point. Using an air conditioner that is oversized for the given area can also create moisture problems.

The very structure of the home can have an effect on hardwoods in Charleston, SC. The site should have adequate drainage and the home should have adequate ventilation, especially in a crawl space. These problems can be easily addressed, even in existing homes.

Hardwood floors in Charleston SC should be cared for regularly. Sand, gravel or any kind of gritty dirt will damage the surface, so it should be removed right away. Floor mats near entrances can trap this dirt before it reaches the flooring. Spills should be mopped or wiped up as soon as they happen. Never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar on your beautiful wood flooring. Instead, use a soft brush attachment or a dust mop. If you are moving furniture, lift it rather than dragging it. Keep the sunshine off your hardwood flooring.  This can be difficult in sunny Charleston, but it will pay off in the longrun if you can do it as much as possible.

Daily cleanup is easily accomplished by using a dust mop or a damp mop as needed. Avoid oil soaps, which can build up on the surface. Hardwoods in Charleston, SC can retain their beauty for years with a little proper care.

When you know the best methods, the work of cleaning hardwood floors in Charleston SC is much easier than most people suppose. The hardwood floors will add value to your home, both for your family and for any future owners. Hardwood flooring in Charleston, SC is a definitely an outstanding choice.

Image:  Factory Hardwood

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