Flooring Trends to Keep in Mind for Your Charleston Residence

If you are in Charleston and trying to decide what floor to install for you new or existing residence, then you will want to keep mind some trends.  Many people want to maximize value while saving money.  Also, people want to make sure the products they chose today will last beyond tomorrow.  Here are some thoughts and trends to keep in mind when you are selecting that next floor:

Think About Vinyl

We at Carolina Flooring Services, have many options when it comes to resilient vinyl flooring.  We have a broad range of styles, colors, textures, and patterns to suit almost any space.  Here’s what’s great about vinyl:

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s comfortable under foot
  • Family-friendly and fairly stain-resistant
  • It’s affordable!

We offer top quality vinyl that is available in many styles.  We also have many products that resemble or hard to distinguish from other materials like hard woods and ceramic tiles.   Vinyl truly gives you the ability to mimic high-end materials at a fraction of the cost!!!

Don’t forget about carpet!

Carpet has always been a popular flooring material, and it remains so today.  We have a variety of carpet styles and textures to suit almost any space, or design concept.  Carpet is both comfortable and affordable!!

Hard woods are always a great idea!

Wood flooring in your home can add both substantial value as well as durability.  We have a variety of material options when it comes to wood flooring.  Hardwoods are definitely a classic and enduring option.  if you are looking to invest in the future, hardwood flooring can be a great option. We offer a range of options and styles that allow you to find your style in hardwood.

Cork, for your floor, not your bottle!

When most people consider cork, they do not think about flooring.  However, cork is a sustainable material and great eco-friendly option.  Our cork is derived from the waste stream of wine cork manufacturers, and is a great choice for those interested in recycled products. It is sustainable because the cork is harvested from cork oak trees, which are replanted. We offer a variety of custom designs, options, and colors. In addition to its durability, it produces a cushioned feel and texture, which aids in sound reduction. It is easy to install, and a great choice for those who want to be trendsetters.


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