Quick Flooring Tips for Your Charleston Bathroom

You have thought about it long enough, and you are ready to renovate or redesign your bathroom.  You may have already considered color schemes, materials, and fixtures.  If you are starting to consider flooring options for your new or existing bathroom, here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your new floor is impervious to water
    1. Test it or consult an expert
    2. Check your material and make sure it does not stain easily
      1. Once again, make sure you consult a product guide or expert to understand how the material holds up against staining
      2. Make sure you consider your ability to clean up the flooring material
        1. Depending on the type of material you select, you will want to understand how demanding it will be to keep your floor clean and in top shape.  We at Carolina Flooring Services can help you sort through this process and understand what it takes to keep your floors in the best possible condition.
        2. Try walking on the material when it is wet
          1. It is no surprise that your bathroom floor will get wet.  Make sure it is not too slippery when wet
          2. Ask your flooring company about average product life and typical problems associated with the material
            1. Be sure to consult an expert to make sure you get value from your flooring investment.  Make sure you consider average life expectancy and all of the pros and cons associated with your desired material.

These are just a few tips to get you started.  Here are some popular options or materials when it comes to bathroom flooring, and what you should know about each.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic flooring tiles are fundamentally different from wall tiles as they are specifically designed for foot traffic and to prevent slipping.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  This material is great for bathrooms as it is a truly durable and hygiene friendly product.  You can mix and match styles to create a unique look or pattern.  When considering ceramic tiles remember to consider the porous nature of the various options.  Check with us, and we can help you make the best decision.  We can help you make sure your bathroom flooring is as impervious as possible.


When you consider laminate flooring, remember that it can be a good option for your bathroom.  It is made of multiple layers of material that is bonded together.  These materials include forms of paper, resin, and wood fibers which result in a final product – laminate planks.  You will want to understand all of the details regarding laminate flooring before you select it for your bathroom.  Get in touch with us today and we can help you understand more about laminate flooring and the pros and cons of the material!


When stone is cut into tiles, it can provide a unique texture and feel to a bathroom floor.  Remember that it is a great option for your bathroom, but it requires a strong grounding and quality installation to last.  Also, remember that stone floors tend to be colder on your feet.


Vinyl is available in sheets or tiles, and it is truly an affordable option for you bathroom.  When you select vinyl you will have a range of colors and styles to chose from.  Contact us today for more information regarding vinyl for your bathroom!


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