How to Prep a Room for Flooring Installation

How to Prep a Floor for InstallationWhen you are ready for any type of flooring installation, there are some basic things you will need to do. This applies whether you are doing the installation yourself or having it done professionally. This is a checklist for how to prep your room for flooring installation.

Empty the Room

If it is at all possible to empty the room of breakables, furniture and appliances, this would aid installation tremendously. It is even good to remove artwork from the walls so that it is not bumped off. All personal belongings should be removed prior to any floor work being done.

Remove Old Flooring

There are some types of “floating” floors that can be installed directly over the existing floor. In that case, you will just want to clean the existing floor really well before installation. However, hardwood is one that you cannot install on top of another floor. You will want to get down to the sub-floor level. At this point, you can decide whether or not to replace the sub-floor if needed. In any case, you will want to remove the molding from the perimeter, even if you are keeping your existing floor. You will need to remove staples and tacks that held down padding as well. If you are replacing carpet with carpet, you should leave the tack-less strip around the perimeter of the room. Be sure your floor is completely level– especially for ceramic tile installation.

Secure premises

There should be available parking and access to the home if you are using professional installers. If doing this job yourself, you will still want a clear place to unload materials and carry them into the room where the install will take place.

Power ,Water, Climate

Be sure you will have electricity, water, ventilation, and light as well as appropriate heat or air conditioning at least 24 hours prior to the installation, during installation, and also afterward. Be sure the room is clean and the floor itself is clean and free of any debris.

Just Before You Begin

You will want to inspect all materials prior to installation to be sure they are what you ordered. Remember that colors can vary between samples and your ordered materials and also between dye lots.  Don’t forget carpet pads and other underneath coverings over the subfloor!

Doors and Moldings

Depending on how high the new floor will be, you may have to trim your door at the bottom to allow room for it to swing closed. If you are going from vinyl to ceramic tile, you can be certain that the new floor will be higher, for example. However, even if you are going from one type of carpet to a new carpet of the same type, the new floor will be higher, not only due to the new carpet pad, but just by virtue of not having been pressed down by walking!

So, these are just a few of the things you will want to be ready for as you prep your room for flooring installation. For more info on this and for help with your floor selection and installation, contact Carolina Flooring! They have all the professional knowledge and the new flooring you need to make your flooring installation project a success!

Photo courtesy of:   Gavin Tapp

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