Entry Floor Ideas

entry floor ideasEntryways showcase not only the front of your home, but also your personal style. Oftentimes, entryways can become a catch-all for whoever comes through the front door. Stacks of mail coupled with shoes and keys and book bags is not what anyone wants to see as soon as you walk through the door. Fortunately, there are countless options that will fit with any style and budget. Let Carolina Flooring walk you through some of our top entry floor ideas to maximize this space.

Some homes already have made use of our first tip, which is using different flooring. Make it something visually appealing and fun. When you section it off with different flooring, it makes it its own space. Just use caution when picking a different flooring in that it goes with the rest of the house and with the existing flooring. Since it is a small area, feel free to let your mind wander with what you would like. Some of the more expensive flooring that you might have had your eye on, until you saw the price tag, might work well since you won’t be using as much.

Another on our list of entry floor ideas is using a pattern in your entryway. You can use a darker or lighter wood to make a beautiful inlay. Your inlay could be anything as traditional as your monogram to a vintage fleur de lis or an ultra-trendy chevron stripe. You can also use tiles in rectangle groups to make a “rug” for the floor. When choosing any type of material, make sure you choose something that is durable and replaceable since entryways take a lot of beatings.

If you don’t seem to have the space inside your house, you can always dress up the entryway to your front door. Use a material that flows well with the rest of the inside of the house. It is inviting and can make your house seem bigger since, visually, it started before you got to the house. Make sure you use material that is well equipped for the outdoors and feel free to do any patterns or mix any materials that would make sense for your home.

Once you have your flooring chosen, you may need help maximizing the usefulness of your entryway. At the very least you can use a table and a key holder to help organize and store your keys. Add some flowers and a lamp and you have a personal and functional area. For those of us who need some more organizational help, you can get a very customizable entryway system. This is one of our top entry floor ideas for busy families. It is a place where everyone can house their backpacks, purses, keys and shoes all neatly. Make sure you pick furniture that won’t overwhelm the entryway and can showcase your new flooring.

Carolina Flooring has these entry floor ideas as well as countless others and would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to help you choose the right type of flooring and personalization to help you achieve the most welcoming and aesthetically pleasing look for your home.

Photo by: Tim Evanson

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