Learn How to Tile a Floor

how to tile a floorWhen it comes to redoing your floors, there are some projects out there that you know is beyond any DIY skill and you will need to hire a professional. There are also some out there that can seem daunting but can be done on your own. Tile flooring is a project that can go either way. You can hire someone to lay your tile and do a phenomenal job. You can also do this yourself and save a ton of money. The key for learning how to tile a floor is being completely prepared. Carolina Flooring knows all about helping people being prepared to take on their home renovations. We have put together a simple how to for how to tile a floor so you can achieve the look you want.

First and foremost, preparation is key. This goes from making sure you have enough tiles to making sure your floor is completely prepped. Clean your floors and remove any old flooring and residue to make sure you start with a clean slate. Also make sure your design will maximize your use of whole tiles. If you do have awkward tiles, try and make sure they are out of the main line of sight as well as door ways. 

When you are ready to start tiling, the first thing to do is find the center of the room by snapping chalk lines along the middle of each wall. When it comes to tiles, having a grid and clear lines keeps everything straight and even. Go ahead and lay out your tiles and spacers as a dry run to see where everything will lay and work out any problems design wise that you might have.

Next mix your thin set mortar. Follow the instructions that come with the bag of mortar. Begin by applying in small sections. Use a notched trowel to get an even layer of mortar. Place your tiles and spacers on top of your mortared floor. Use your chalk lines and dry run placed tiles as a guide.

Make sure you lay all of the whole tiles first. If you come to a place where you have to cut a tile, go ahead and mark it then and there and move on. When you have laid all of the whole tiles, get all of the tiles that need to be cut and you can either rent a wet saw to help you cut them or you can get them cut by a tile supplier. Once everything is complete, allow everything to dry for several days before you do any grouting.

In the mean time, pick out your grout. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to go with your particular design. Make sure you use a float or rubber trowel to spread the grout evenly and apply at an angle to be sure you get grout between each tile. You will most likely make a mess with the grout and have loads left on the tiles. Use a damp sponge to remove the excess.After that, admire your handiwork. You are done.

Before you even start this project, please come see us at Carolina Flooring. Not only can we help you pick out the perfect tiles and design but also to help with any questions when it comes to learning how to tile a floor.

Photo by: David Carmack

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