How to Choose the Right Wood Floor Installation Service

How to Choose the Right Wood Floor Installation ServiceIn this age of DIY popularity and tightened belts, many homeowners find themselves tempted to install their new wood floors themselves. However, without the proper equipment, training, and tools, the layman may find himself  with an unnecessary surplus of wood material, or cupped and warped boards – the repair of which can ultimately be more expensive than having a wood floor installed professionally from the get go! Of course, not all floor installation services have the same level of professionalism and efficiency, and there are several important factors to consider when choosing a floor installation service. That’s why we at Carolina Flooring Services have composed this brief guide on choosing the right wood floor installation service for your home or project.

What is the reputation of the company?

Check out the online reviews for different installation services to get an idea of the quality of their work. Then, contact those companies with the best reviews and ask what sort of quality guarantees they offer and whether or not they are insured.

What will the cost of service be?

Don’t be afraid to shop around! Contact a few reputable floor installers and arrange for them to estimate your flooring and labor costs. The installer will determine the cost of materials use a measuring wheel to confirm the square footage of the space. Typically, installers will recommend getting extra wood flooring – enough to cover about 10% of the measured space – in case boards become damaged, although some installers may recommend a higher percentage. Discuss the labor costs with each installer, and then compare to find the price point that fits your budget. Be wary of extreme discounts, as these can be indicative of inferior materials or lack of experience.

What all does their installation service entail?

When choosing a wood floor installation service be sure to ask what exactly their service includes. Do they take the time to acclimate boards to your home, so that the wood will not warp or cup after installation? Will they move your furniture for you, or do you need to arrange for that to be done prior to their arrival? Do they follow set rules to keep the rest of your home clean, so such as sealing off the room with plastic and using mats or tarp to keep other floors clean when entering and exiting your home?

You should also discuss their treatment of molding and baseboard. Ask your installer if they will cut under baseboard so that the new hardwood can slide underneath, and if they will provide and replace the quarter round molding on your new floor.

Finally, be sure to ask what state they will leave your new room in! A reputable installer will be sure to clean the new floor, but do they also take the time to remove dust form the walls, take off the plastic that seals the room, and move your furniture back in? These extra details can mean the difference between adequate and exceptional service.

At Carolina Flooring Services, we are proud to offer quality wood floor installation services and free in-home estimates. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the goods and services we offer.

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