4 Reasons to use Rubber for Your Next Commercial Flooring Project

rubber flooring

Choosing the right option for your next commercial flooring project can be difficult due to the seemingly endless plethora of flooring options available. When narrowing down your search, if you have determined you’re looking for flooring that is safe, durable, and easy to maintain, rubber flooring should be at the top of your list.

Rubber flooring provides one of the safest commercial flooring options.

Safety is a top priority in any commercial or residential environment. And, while there are some flooring types that are more aesthetically pleasing than rubber flooring, many of those options are not as safe for employees or customers. Rubber flooring is not only more slip resistant than other flooring types such as laminate, tile, or finished hardwoods, but it is also helps to reduce the physical fatigue of your employees who spend large amounts of time on their feet, decreasing the long-term effects of more physically demanding jobs.

Rubber flooring is a durable commercial flooring project option.

This is likely the top reason professionals choose rubber flooring for their commercial flooring projects. It is one of the most highly durable commercial flooring options available. When properly maintained, rubber flooring can last upwards of twenty years.

Rubber flooring is an easy-to-maintain commercial flooring project option.

No special equipment is needed to maintain rubber floors. They can be cleaned with simply a mop and bucket. It is important to use mild and gentle cleaning solutions, avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the rubber. Polishing the rubber flooring with a water soluble wax emulsion will increase the durability of the floor and will make the maintenance of it even simpler.

If you are considering rubber flooring for your next commercial flooring project and need more information or have questions about which type of rubber flooring to choose, give us a call!

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