Have a Few Munchkins? Take a Look at the Best Carpet for Kids

best carpet for kidsWhen it comes to choosing your flooring, the task can be a daunting one. You have to figure out what exact flooring will be the best for your family and lifestyle. For some, it can be very easy because the only people in their family is themselves and maybe a spouse. However, for some of us, the choices are vastly narrowed down because we have a lot of people to consider. We have kids and pets all whom make messes. We at Carolina Flooring all have a different idea of what makes up our family but there is one thing in common we all know about, kids. Check out our ideas for the best carpet for kids.

The first thing that has to be considered when shopping for the best carpet for kids is price. Let’s face it, kids are accident prone. They spill, drip, and track in more dirt and mess than you can imagine. It is compounded by number of kids and how active they are. It isn’t the best idea to spend a lot of money on carpets when you have young kids. You simply will not get your money out of them. However, you can’t just buy the cheapest carpet out there, it will prove to be a massive headache and need replacing quicker than you would like.

Another thing to look out for is ease of cleaning. Life happens at a moments notice and the juice that was just spilled might not be thought about again for hours. Picking a carpet that is easy to clean is a must with kids. Spraying chemicals on the floor and having to leave them there to clean a stain isn’t something that most parents want to contend with. This being said, it would be wise to upgrade to a stain-resistant carpet. Another tip would be to install a textured carpet in high traffic areas such as hallways, play rooms, and living rooms where it will hide stains as well as foot prints.

It may seem odd to put different types of carpets in different rooms but you have to look at your lifestyle versus what you can expect out of the carpet. This can also help with your budget. You can put a different type of carpet in low traffic bedrooms that are only used for sleeping. This allows for a fun and distinct look for each section of your house. If you don’t think this will work for you and you still have a problem with staining in areas of your house, be sure to clean and treat the carpet the best that you can and then add a rug. Rugs are easier to clean if they are spilled on.

Color is also something to think about when choosing the best carpet for kids. You don’t want to go too dark and it will make a room look smaller but you don’t want to go too light and show every piece of dirt and stain. A good middle ground is a tan, neutral brown or a darker shade of cream. Before you decide on a color, be sure to bring in fabric swatches so your color choice will go with the rest of your decor.

Lastly, be sure to know what kind of carpet fiber and style is the best carpet for kids. Hands down nylon is a great choice for high traffic areas. It is durable and easy to maintain. A fantastic style to look out for is frieze. It is expensive but is well worth it. The style is tightly twisted tufts that covers a multitude of carpet sins.

Please come by our showroom at Carolina Flooring today and talk to one of our expert employees about your flooring options with kids. We can find the best carpet for your kids as well as your wallet and your lifestyle.

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