3 Residential Flooring Options For Homes With Pets

3 Residential Flooring Options For Homes With Pets

3 Residential Flooring Options For Homes With Pets

According to the ASPCA, around 44% of American homes have a dog, and 35% have a cat.  While the South Carolina cat ownership percentage is a bit less than the national average at just 27%, we’re right on par with households that include at least 1 dog. What this means is that just under half of the homeowners in the Charleston region looking for different residential flooring options are looking for those that will be pet friendly and last through the tests of time to give them happy pets and a happy home for the long haul.


Hard Maple

Hard maple flooring like Wilson Maple Hardwood Floors can have hardness ratings of up to 1450 on the Janka hardness scale, which means it’s incredibly scratch resistant and tough against everyday abuse. Even when your dog’s nails are trimmed regularly, scratches happen, but they’re much less likely to happen with a residential flooring like hard maple. Cleaning hard maple flooring is also simple: regular, everyday debris may be swept away with a broom, then the floor can be mopped with a non-abrasive gentle cleanser. Pet hair and endearing muddy paw prints can be taken care of in a snap, while your hard maple residential flooring is kept looking clean and brand new.



Another hardwood residential flooring option that works well in pet friendly homes is oak, and if you’re looking for style versatility to go along with an appropriate hardwood residential flooring, the Adams Signature Oak Hardwood Floors are a safe and stylish bet. Like hard maple, the Oak flooring is swept and cleaned with a non-abrasive cleanser easily, helping you to keep your flooring always looking its best. The Adams Signature Oak Hardwood Floors come in 5 different color varieties, ranging from a light Red Oak to a dark and nearly black Pewter Oak, so you can really set the atmosphere in any room using your residential flooring as part of your home décor.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate residential flooring has quite a few benefits to pet owners. For instance, if you like the look of a particular wood, but the wood tends to be softer and easier to scratch, laminate gives you the opportunity to get the look but with a much higher scratch resistance. Laminate flooring can be found in a vast array of different looks, finishes, and colors, allowing you unlimited possibilities in terms of style, but with the durability you need to hold up to wear and tear from your pet. Should your laminate scratch, repairing portions of the flooring is also a simple and inexpensive endeavor.

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