Proper Bamboo Flooring Maintenance — Commercial Flooring

bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the most popular commercial flooring options for many reasons. For one, bamboo can be extremely durable. Some types of bamboo can actually be as strong as red oak, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic commercial areas. Another is that it is sustainable, making it a green choice and great for the environment.

If you have chosen bamboo flooring for your project, follow these simple guidelines to keep your floors in the best shape possible.

Regularly Sweep or Dust Mop Bamboo Flooring

Even if you have a commercial grade finish on your bamboo flooring, you still need to be sure to sweep or dust mop it regularly. If it is a high traffic area, doing this daily is ideal. Lower traffic areas can be swept or dust mopped once a week. Allowing dust or sand to accumulate on bamboo flooring is one of the quickest ways to damage the finish.

Use Furniture Pads to Protect Bamboo Flooring from Dents

Heavy furniture can be harmful to bamboo flooring, but using protective floor pads on legs helps a great deal. Remember to keep these pads clean and to replace them regularly so that they continue to protect your commercial flooring.

Place Mats and Rugs in High Traffic Areas

This is one of the best ways to protect your bamboo flooring. Welcome mats and area rugs in higher traffic areas keep dirt and dust off the wood, protecting it from scratches on the finish. If there are areas where people will do more standing than others, consider using heavier, thicker mats to help protect the floors in those areas.

Bamboo is an excellent commercial flooring option. To keep it looking new and stylish and to make it last for years, follow the guidelines above. Doing so will save you from more difficult maintenance and will save money by helping your finish and floors to last.

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