A Guide to Vinyl Flooring

Why might vinyl floors in Charleston, SC be the right decision when it comes to your home or office?  If you are in Charleston, SC looking for vinyl options chances are you are looking for a resilient solution!  Here’s a quick guide to vinyl floors to help you make a better purchasing decision.

When it comes to flooring, vinyl is truly one of the most resilient options available.  Additionally, depending on the specifics of the materials you choose, you can truly save a lot of money by opting for vinyl.  Finally, installation is quite easy when compared to other forms of flooring.  Here are the advantages of vinyl flooring:

  • Resilient
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Durable & Low Maintenance

When it comes to style, color, and pattern, you will have a range of options in vinyl to meet your space or decorating style.  Remember, that you will need to properly prepare your subflooring surface to insure that your vinyl installation goes as planned.

Typically, vinyl can be installed over any type of underlying floor structure whether it be concrete, old tile or wood flooring.  Just remember to consult an expert before heading forward with any DIY project.  Another reason, people choose vinyl is because of its stability and resistance to water damage!  Making it a good option for most or all rooms of your home or office.

If you have children or experience high traffic in most parts of your home, then vinyl flooring is a great option because it provides easy cleanup and holds up well against spills.  To clean your vinyl floors you can stick to a regimen of regular sweeping and damp mopping.  When it comes to kids and spills, vinyl is great!  All you have to do to do clean them is wipe with a damp cloth.

At Carolina Flooring Services in Charleston, SC you will have many different styles and prints available in vinyl to fit almost any design and budget.  We are here to make your flooring decision as easy as possible.  Don’t hesitate to contact us or come by our showroom!


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