How to Maintain Natural Stone Floors — Residential Flooring

natural stone floors

Natural stone flooring is one of the most popular tile flooring trends and for good reason. Natural stone flooring works as both commercial and residential flooring and is versatile enough for a variety of designs. Many modern homes have natural stone flooring in them, and it has the ability to last for years. Knowing how to properly care for natural stone can keep it looking its best and help it last for years to come. Here are some pointers on caring for our natural stone.

1. Dust mop or vacuum your natural stone flooring regularly.

Depending on the type of natural stone you have installed in your home, you may wish to use either a dry mop or vacuum cleaner to care for it. If your floor is textured, a vacuum cleaner will work much better than a dust mop because it can pick up pieces of sand and dirt that a dust mop can miss. However, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a beater bar and that is in good shape so as not to damage the floor.

2. Use non-acid based cleansers to damp mop the floors when needed.

Mild soaps are best for cleaning natural stone, and other specialty products are also available. Avoid cleansers that contain higher levels of acid such as lemon juice or vinegar. Overly harsh chemicals can damage natural stone. If you’re unsure of the best cleanser to use, contact one of our experts for a recommended option.

Natural stone can be used in multiple areas of your home and provide a great aesthetic benefit to almost any room. They are durable and relatively easy to maintain. By following these recommendations when maintaining your natural tile flooring, you will increase the beauty and life of your floors.

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