How Much Does Carpet Cost…What You Should Know About Carpet & Flooring Value

New Floor Buying GuideHow much does carpet cost?  Are you in the market for carpet for your home or office?  If you are trying to understand more about the pricing for carpet and the value it can add to your home, you may find the information in this blog helpful.  Here is a brief guide to carpet to help you understand how much it costs and the value it adds to your home or office:

How Much Does Carpet Cost, and How Much Should You Spend?

Carpet prices are based on the grade of carpet used, the fiber type, general quality, density, and overall dimensions needed.  In addition, you should also remember that you will have to pay for installation by either taking your own time out to install the carpet or hiring your flooring company.

When it comes to carpet quality, some carpets have an advantage over others as they have higher face weights, density, and better fibers.   Depending on the type of fiber used and how it was constructed or bound together, the life of your carpet will vary.  Just like with other products, the higher or better the quality, the higher the price per square foot.  You should ask your flooring company about how long the carpet is expected to last and what you can do to maintain it, in order to get a better idea of what you should spend and the overall costs and benefits associated with your investment.

Here are some qualities or elements to consider when thinking about buying carpet:

Carpet Weight: How Much Carpet Are You Getting?

When it comes to how much carpet costs, the biggest factor is usually the carpet weight.  The carpet weight determines the thickness and softness of your carpet.  It is always a good idea to know the weight of carpet you are purchasing so you get a good idea of what and how much carpet you will be getting.   Tip to buying carpet:  check the ounce weights!

Carpet Fiber:  What Kind of Carpet Are You Getting?

One of the next important factors are the type of fibers used in creating your carpet.  Typically, nylon and polyester are popular options, and they are both appearing more and more similar.   You typically get more durability with nylon as opposed to polyester, but you should check with your flooring company to understand the unique differences before you purchase.

The Carpet Pad:  How Comfortable Do You Want To Be?

When it comes to comfort, the type of carpet pad you select is a major influencer.   In addition to comfort, the type of pad you affect will affect the cost, and overall price for your flooring project.   Typically, the better the carpet pad, the better the comfort and durability levels.



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